Friday, 24 January 2020

From the Depths of the Past

Get ready... This is a big one!

A while back, long before I started this blog, I use to make Warhammer Fantasy armies. I never played a single game of Warhammer, I just made the armies because I liked to paint the figures. I would keep them for a while and then I would sell them.

I did take pics of the things I made and they were put on the Lead Adventure Forum and other places. Unfortunately, all the images were stored on Photobucket when it was free. I had no intention of paying for storage when the service changed so those pics will be lost forever and won't appear where I first posted them. Fortunately I did manage to save the majority of the photo's and those ones are now saved in my dropbox.

So, just for the sake of it, here are some of my old, not published here previously, pics. Many of the troops are very much kit-bashed and converted. In some cases I completely made the models from scratch because I couldn't find what I wanted.

Wood Elves
 These ones were my first & favorite Warhammer army. I sold them because I was out of work and waiting for my Vet Affairs payments to start (following the financial horrors of a divorce!). I would have liked to keep these guys and considering my current fantasy project it's a shame, because I'd really like to get many of these figures back. Oh well...

I made this tree guy from scratch because I couldn't find a huge and intimidating treeman at the time. 
This guy stood about 10" tall.
I lost all of the pics of the rank and file troops, as well as all the pics of the Forest Dragon. It's a shame because they were really very nice.
Dark Elves
I made these just because I could. I wanted to try something with more significant conversions. They look nice and I saved a lot more pics of these. The dragon is the GW forest dragon. I actually used a different dragon for the Wood Elves. Lots of kit-bashing here.

The only figure I have left over out of all of these pics is that little red imp thing. And I don't know why.

I wish I could get another of these dragons. Does GW still make them?
I wanted to make something outrageous. So I decided to make this army. I wanted to make something that no one had ever seen before. I checked out many, many models and they just didn't look the way I wanted them to look because they all looked too tame. Things are different now but back when I made this army the figures just weren't available so I made a lot of these myself.

I wanted this army to look nasty and vile. I based it on the cenobites from Clive Barker's Hellraiser, but staying within the restrictions placed by the Warhammer game world. This army disturbed some people and it was while I made it that I discovered I had a knack for sculpting. You can see the components of many of the different kits I used to make these guys.

 I only have "in-progress" photo's of some of the things I made.
"The Box. You opened it and we came..."

This thing was big. It was my pregnant Nurgle Soul Grinder. The stomach was made using clear resin with a little deformed baby toy stuck into it. The rest of the model was built around this. It took a long lime to make and took a lot of greenstuff. I hope somebody still has it.
Dave the Dire Avenger for for scale.

Thank you for my indulgence. Soon I'll dig up the 40K things that I did long ago and post them too.


  1. A great collection !!! They remind me of the times, where I sold my armies to WFB :(

    1. Yeah, it pretty sad but if I kept everything I ever painted I would have so much that I'd need an extra room and 50 boxes to keep it all.

  2. The collection is admirable! It is a pity that sometimes you have to part with your work for financial or other reasons.

    1. It is. With my current project I would really like the wood elf miniatures. I do have a second treeman that I made. He is somewhere... I just need to find him.