Saturday, 27 October 2012

Agents of SHAG - Omega Squad

Well it didn't take long...

Greetings Folks, I posted yesterday that i was painting up my new spy team for 7TV and here they are all nicely and finished.

These are my new agents. I sculpted them with the aim of selling them but that plan failed as they didn't generate any interest. I didn't want to go through the expensive process of getting them cast myself so I just decided to paint up the greens. At least I now have a totally unique set of figures.

Anyway, here is my new program for 7TV - the Omega Squad - Nemesis of the evil B.O.R.I.S.

Dorian Alpha is the shaggy haired, trailblazing leader of Omega Squad; a small team of elite agents operating under the umbrella of the Surreptitious and Hazardous Assignments Group (SHAG) a Top Secret organisation of Her Majesties’ Government.  Omega Squad specialise in covert operations, rooting out the enemies of peace and free love and sabotaging their cunning schemes. Using his natural style, charisma and panache Dorian Alpha has infiltrated and foiled countless iniquitous opponents and brought their machiavellian plans to naught.

Alpha's co-stars are:
Blake - Alpha’s chauffeur and right hand man. A former guardsman, and expert rally driver, he has used his various skills to save the day on more than one occasion.

Amelia Horne: Miss Horne is Omega Squad’s resident head knocker. She is a martial artist of outstanding skill with a penchant of turning up at the right place at the right time whilst leaving her squad wondering just how she got there.

Spies - BORIS the Enemy!

I've been working on getting a bunch of figures together for 7TV. The Program I've been working on is titled: Omega Squad.

The Omega Squad is a section of the Surreptitious and Hazardous Assignments Group (SHAG) a Top Secret organisation of Her Majesties’ Government. I've been trying to find some suitable figures for the Omega Squad but I've had no luck in finding what I want. So I decided to sculpt my own characters. I did this a few weeks ago but I only started painting them yesterday.

In the mean time here is Omega Squad's arch nemesis: BORIS. The Bureau of Revolutionary Insurrectionist Strategies: BORIS is an officially sanctioned unofficial section of the KGB which is officially authorized to conduct unofficial operations whilst being officially denied by officials in the Kremlin.

BORIS is headed by Colonel Yuri Zharkov. He and his comrades are specialists in hatching cunning covert operations with the purpose of furthering revolutionary paradigms within the social structures of enemy states. To these ends they are likely to become involved with any number of nefarious plots. They are expert at identifying dissident groups whom they will use as they see fit in order to further the policies of their superiors back in The Kremlin!

From Left: Bogdan Bogdanovich, Colonel Zhukov and Katiya Nadzov

Comrade Putinin (left) and Comrade Boggerov

KGB Types

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

King Kong Pulp Game

I've been planning a King Kong based pulp game for a while now. When I say King Kong it involves an island, a film crew and a giant ape other than that it kind of veers off on its own course as it also involves Mudmen and Rocketeers (and a gangster for good measure).

The basic concept is this: A film crew led by the director, CC B DeVille has taken his crew and movie stars to a "mysterious island" to make a film. He is financed by The Mob (the Scallopini family of Chicago) who have sent along one of their fingermen to protect their investment. The crew of the ship Madagascar Queen have decided to try and capture the beast and Rocket Morton and his Rocket Rangers are the cavalry who will come in and try to save the day. Mudmen, dinosaurs and giant spiders will be there to get in the way and make life just that little bit more interesting / difficult.

The rules are very basic and based on a Goal System (except for combat which uses the #+ to hit and wound mechanic) and each character has their own character card and special abilities.

Monday, 22 October 2012

Well, well, well...

Welcome to the first post of This 28mm Life.

With this blog (which I'm hoping to keep updated regularly) I'm going to post a bunch of wargaming stuff that I'm working on, games that I play, sculpts that I'm working on and anything else that I feel like adding.

At this time I'm working on several games including Pulp Adventure gaming, 7TV, G.A.S.L.I.G.H.T. and Supersystem3. I also play Napoleonics and English Civil War and I'm hoping sometime in 2013 to start building both sides of the American Civil War.