Saturday, 19 December 2015

CRY HAVOC, and Let Slip the Dogs of War!

We had our final meeting of Nunawading Wargames Association (NWA) for 2015 and did it in style with a big medieval game using Hail Caesar.

The game was a match up of my brave Hemmingseatic Leage against the forces of Noirebrulure and their nefarious allies. In preparation for the game we had played a few games in recent months to get to know the rules but, for reasons unknown, the majority of players who joined in had never played the rules and had to have everything explained to them as the game progressed. This caused some confusion and time wasting. As a result we didn't manage to finish the game.

However, it was big and it was colourful and that was one of the major points of the whole exercise.

Pics below are in no particular order.

Except that the first few pics that show the vile Noirebrulurean's 

Ah, now we see the heroes of the battle, the brave Hemmingseatic League!

The Hemmingseatic troops line the hill top.

The cavalry redeploy.
(Are those Dwarves on our left? What are they doing here?)

In the distance the Noirebrulurean Horse advance.
They were soon sent on their way.

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Tiny Little Greeks

Well I almost forgot to post something again but then, remarkably, I remembered.

So here are some 15mm ancient Greeks that I've been painting for the Peleponesian Wars. All the shields are hand painted and that is my favorite part of paining them (well not the Spartans because their shields are pretty boring).

I'm doing both sides of the conflict at the same time. I eventually get bored with them and move on to something else and I haven't been doing them for the past couple of months. But I only need several more units until I can start gaming with them. As it is, right now I could combine them for a game against another opponent.

I've based them pretty simply so that I can use them for several different sets of rules but I'm planning on using Hail Caesar for these like my other current projects. You may have noticed that I previously posted some 28mm Ancient Greeks. I sold those due to the cost of the figures (considering I could put thrice as many 15mm units together for a third of the price of 28's.

The whole phalanx.

 Spartans on the right as they should be with heavy horse on the flank.

Peltasts on the hill behind & Helots in the rear rank.

 Atheneans with Cretan archers to the rear.

Saturday, 5 December 2015

Why do I forget?

One thing I consistently forget is that I have this blog. I post something and then forget about it for a month or two. I really need to up my game and post more things more frequently.

Anyway, here are a few things that I've done recently but I'll only post one thing and, hopefully, I'll remember to post something else in the next day or two in order to establish some modicum of consistency.

Here are the commanders of my Imagi-nations medieval force - The Hemmingseatic League:

Here is the general Otto von Rickenbacker and his trusty squire Christopher

Bishop Eisenwurst

And, Friedrich Flintenstein - Landmeister of the Teutonic Order & Commander of Horse.

The shields behind him are "Disordered" markers for Hail Caesar (although I'm sure they could have other uses in other games).