Sunday, 15 December 2013


Well, here comes another contentious figure...

This time it's the Eternal Champion ~ Hawkmoon.
I thought I'd have a try at sculpting our hero just to see what came up. I did this without any reference material or any design concept in mind. I just designed it as I went along. The only real thoughts I had were to make him lightly armoured in a fancy sort of way.

All in all I made this figure as a test sculpt to see what came out. He may end up as part of the whole set and he may not. He may go through some modification and end up being sculpted. I don't know. As it is I quite like the figure. There are some aspects I think are quite good and others that I think could do with some revision.

Anyway, here's our hero:

Friday, 13 December 2013

Granbretan ~ Order of the Bull and The Boar

Well, I'm still working of a variety of the Beast Orders of Granbretan just to get a feeling for the various armour, weapons and masks and seeing if my vision looks right. This is the first attempt at the Order of the Bull.

The idea is that the mask/helmet is quite tall to give them added height and the shoulder armour is large to give them extra bulk. The thinking behind this comes from those old cartoons where bulls always have a massive head and shoulders and tiny little legs.

Weapon wise, I'm thinking along the lines of Greek mythology (axes. clubs, maces). Same with the shield.

With this one I'm taking more direction from the Hawkmoon books. In the stories the boars are big, rough and, well... Boarish! So with this guy I've tried to give him a pretty brutal look with heavy, ugly armour and equipment. Not unlike the vultures really.

Friday, 6 December 2013

My First Runestaff Character

It's hard to please everyone all of the time so this one , no doubt, will be contentious. I say this because anyone who had read the Runestaff series will have their own idea of how the characters look or how they should be represented.

So. On with the post...

This is my first sculpt of Count Brass. I deliberately made him a little larger that the other figures (only 1 or 2 millimeters) because he is described in the stories are big and burly with a big moustache and a mane of wild red hair. So I thought he needed to be larger than life. Keeping in line with the baroque theme I also made his armour quite elaborate though practical. It is also very chunky as it is supposed to be made of brass. So I thought it needed to look heavy. The detail will also be better for painting the finished figure as it will provide areas of contrast or sections where a wash will lift details (considering he is supposed to be totally brass coloured).

He should really be wearing a helm but I thought that, seeing that he is a main character you need to see his face. This helps to define him so that you can see his big moustache, weathered face and shock of red hair.

Anyway here he is:

Here are some close ups. On his right shoulder is the fist symbol that appears on his standard (a red fist on a white background).

Wednesday, 4 December 2013


Well, another couple of vulture warriors completed and (for the moment) I've finished with vultures. Once these are cast I'll be getting back on to them using these ones as the basis for some variations. All in all there will be about 12 to 16 of each beast order which is quite a tall order considering there are dozens of Granbretanian beast orders (although only selected ones will be made).

As it is I'm going to move on to some other figures. At this time I'm working on some boars and most notably Count Brass! These two are a vulture captain/champion/hero type and a standard bearer.