Saturday, 24 February 2018

General d'Armee ~ Game 3

T'was a humid rainy day and we gathered again for another go at GdA. Robin, Andrew and I. Another Andrew was supposed to join us but couldn't make it. So it was me (Prussians) against the other two.

My Prussians have grown to a decent sized force: A Prussian Brigade with cavalry support (a division in any other army). They were up against French forces about 50% stronger so we created a scenario with the Prussians holding a chateau along the French line of march. The French objective being to drive the Prussians off & the Prussian objective: To stay put.

Prussians: 8th Regiment (Leib) with attached Thuringian Battalion & Guard Jaeger - 24th Reserve Regiment with 6lb artillery battery & attached volunteer jeager - Silesian Landwehr Regiment - Cavalry brigade - 3rd Reserve Cavalry, 6th Uhlan regt & 6lb horse battery.

The French had a large mixed French and Wutemberg division with two regiments of dragoons and two batteries.

I deployed first with the Leib Regt in the center holding the chateau and enclosed fields, the 24th on their left and the landwehr on their right. On the far right I put my cavalry (more about them later). The small walled area adjacent to the building was considered one single Built Up Area (BUA) for the purpose of deploying troops. So the battalion in there was considered to be occupying the courtyard and the building.

The French deployed with two brigades, including the Wurtemberg brigade, behind a deep stream. The stream was fordable and treated and a normal obstacle for movement purposes. One of their dragoon regiments was in the center rear and the other on their left flank.

The French got the initiative for the first turn and moved forward. On the Prussian left their skirmishers moved up to the river but on their left one brigade failed their command roll and so, were Hesitant. This stifled all movement in that sector. My Reserve & landwehr regiments moved forward whilst the Reserve skirmish line opened the shooting against the enemy. On my left my cavalry moved forward boldly.

My battery also opened fire at a battalion of Wurtemberg Jaeger on the extreme limit of effective range and rolled 3. So they lost a fatigue casualty. Not a good opening.

My new boys ~ The Thuringian Battalion in their first battle.

Second turn and my landwehr were Hesitant - No worries though, my cavalry had a juicy target. The French kept the initiative but their dragoons failed their Orders Roll so they too, were Hesitant.

The French had no charges to declare but I did and launched my cavalry at the two lead infantry battalions. Unfortunately, they managed to form square and rebuffed my brave men who were forced to Retire. A limbered French battery managed to evade behind the sitting dragoons.

Oh well. On my left the French skirmishers crossed the stream and traded shots with my skirmishers, with both sides inflicting casualties. behind them Reserve Regt continued to move forward. In the center French battalions advanced on the chateau but a withering fire jolted one of the battalions and they pulled back behind a low ridge to regroup.

Moving on... Andrew advanced his dragoons in line, while my cav were re-forming after their rebuff by the infantry. I gained the initiative and my reformed cavalry charged. A round of dismal dice rolling later and my not-quite-as-brave-as-I-thought cavalry Retreated.  This caused the brigade to Falter and in the next Orders Phase they rolled on the Faltering Table - At least they managed to Rally.

Meanwhile on the left the French and Wurtembergers began to cross the stream and my guns on the small hill started to inflict some casualties. A lot of skirmisher fire was happening in this sector and I was subtly getting the worst of it.

 At least my horse battery managed to give some back to the dragoons.

In the center pressure was building on the chateau & Robin decided to try blasting the defenders from the chateau. All this did was cause over half of his battalions to lose Fire Discipline. The situation was looking good for the Prussians so I advanced the Thuringians and two battalions of the Leib in order to take the fight to the Froggy Frenchies.

On the left Robin decided to charge my battery (who were doing some nice work) with the Wurtemberg Jaeger. Happy to report, they got smashed and retreated back over the stream with heavy casualties.

Smoke - Just for effect.

But then... Andrew threw his dragoons at my unformed mass of cavalry and, for the first time, we had a cav v's cav melee. And the results were not good for my clearly-not-in-the-slightest-bit-brave cav who took a pounding and ran like frightened rabbits leaving the entire flank open.

Out of 9 Casualty Dice I rolled eight 1's and 2's and only 1 casualty. 

Only the horse battery remained of the cav brigade and at least they made a good show of it before they left the field in the next Orders Phase. They fired on the limbered French guns following up the dragoons and smashed them. Unfortunately, the French passed a Discipline Test and kept up the advance.

On the left, I had a cunning plan to launch an Infantry Assault, on the couple of battalions that had crossed the stream. This was costly in terms ov ADC's - 3 needed (1 for a re-roll to ensure orders were carried out and 2 more for the Infantry Assault order). Could the 24th fail their Orders Roll and become Hesitant?

You bet your life they could. And did.

Prior to the cavalry scarpering, I had been trying to draw the landwehr back. Now that the flank was totally open and with the French battery deploying on their flank it was even more urgent that they get into a better position.

In the center, the other French dragoon regt came forward in an attempt to frighten me. Unfortunately (and this is beginning to be a word I use a lot regarding my Prussians)... Unfortunately, I was now down to 3 ADC's and I rolled: zero. I thought things couldn't get worse but they did. The Leib regt and the 24th both failed their Orders Roll. Both Hesitant!
The Final Turn...

The Leib followed orders in the center and let lose a withering volley at the French voltigeurs and drove them back. My skirmish line on the left was almost kaput. Other than that, most of my units were pretty healthy - Except for the landwehr on my extreme right who had taken some concentrated fire from skirmishers for several turns. The very same unit that now took a full blast of canister  and retreated back into the safety of the wheat fields.

The Dragoons were slowly wheeling to take advantage of the opening they had created and it was all but goodnight for the beleaguered, but still intact, Prussians.

At least they were my figures that brought this defeat upon 
the Prussians... MY BRAVE FRENCHMEN.


So it was defeat for me again. I don't mind. It was another great, fun game and I'm finding that these rules give a really good result. There are still quirks that we're forgetting and mistakes that we're making but we're working them out. As for the basics we've got a pretty good handle on them now and turns are moving fast.

This game was a bit of an on-the-spot scenario but it played well. It was really just the collapse of my cavalry wing the lost me the battle. But, I'm glad that it lead to a result instead of a stalemate. 

One a good note; my new units performed well. They didn't suffer from the New Unit Curse. The horse guns didn't do much but they caused some casualties (especially on the French limbered guns) and the Thringians managed to advance and let go a couple of decent volleys. 

All in all - I'm really looking forward to the next game.

And some bonus pics, again from Russel.

From the left: Andrew, Robin & I. - Not a grey hair between us.

And, my cavalry in the box of shame.

Friday, 23 February 2018

More Prussians ~ Horse Guns This Time

A quick post.

I've been going at a great pace over the last week. The things I've been painting are quite small units which, if I put in the effort, I can get them done quickly.

Here is a battery of horse artillery. I've decided to cut the size of my gun batteries from 3 models down to two. This makes them roughly the same frontage as an infantry battalion or a cavalry squadron in column. It also saves me some money.

I only intend to have one foot battery and one horse battery for my line units. However, I will be making Lutzow's Freikorp which includes another horse battery. And with the figures I still have unpainted all I'll need is one gun and crew to make up this battery.

Anyway, here's my new battery ready, just in time to go onto the table and into battle tomorrow.

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Prussian Skirmishers

I've managed to get a few things done to bolster my Prussians over the past couple of days.

I made some ADC's for General d'Armee. Now, ADC's should be mounted but mounted Prussian Officers are hard to come by. Perry make some (which I use for my brigadiers) but other than that the only others available are Blucher and his cronies. So finding suitable figures has been difficult. So I used a few officers on foot that I had sitting around.

I posted a pic of these on Facebook earlier and I have been told that Calpe Miniatures make mounted Prussian Officers so I might have to get some. But fear not! I can then use these figures to signify other aspects of the game, such as "Forwards Order" markers or "Infantry Assault" markers.

I also made some skirmisher bases. The blue ones are line infantry for the Leib Regiment and the grey are for the 12th Reserve Regiment. I used the same figures because I had them already to go. But finding figures of Prussian Reserves skirmishing is also difficult. So I made do with what I had.

Three of the officer figures are Calpe but the one in Landwehr uniform is from the Warlords plastic lanwehr box. In my previous post for my Thuringian Battalion I wrote that the officer was the one from the Warlord's box. But I was mistaken. That one was a Perry figure.

All of the skirmishers are from Perry.