Thursday, 22 February 2018

Prussian Skirmishers

I've managed to get a few things done to bolster my Prussians over the past couple of days.

I made some ADC's for General d'Armee. Now, ADC's should be mounted but mounted Prussian Officers are hard to come by. Perry make some (which I use for my brigadiers) but other than that the only others available are Blucher and his cronies. So finding suitable figures has been difficult. So I used a few officers on foot that I had sitting around.

I posted a pic of these on Facebook earlier and I have been told that Calpe Miniatures make mounted Prussian Officers so I might have to get some. But fear not! I can then use these figures to signify other aspects of the game, such as "Forwards Order" markers or "Infantry Assault" markers.

I also made some skirmisher bases. The blue ones are line infantry for the Leib Regiment and the grey are for the 12th Reserve Regiment. I used the same figures because I had them already to go. But finding figures of Prussian Reserves skirmishing is also difficult. So I made do with what I had.

Three of the officer figures are Calpe but the one in Landwehr uniform is from the Warlords plastic lanwehr box. In my previous post for my Thuringian Battalion I wrote that the officer was the one from the Warlord's box. But I was mistaken. That one was a Perry figure.

All of the skirmishers are from Perry.