Saturday, 2 February 2013

Dessert Terrain Mat

Greetings folks, I've been busy on a few projects recently but here is one that was quick and easy: A dessert terrain mat. It is made from canvas sheet, tan coloured caulk, and various paints.
Dimensions: 1 x 1 meter square (about 39").

It was pretty easy to make and only took a few hours. I made it by spreading the caulk with a spatula all over the canvas sheet is 6" x 6" sections. I then rolled over the caulk with a small foam paint roller to lift the surface of the caulk and give it some texture.

The buildings you see below are not yet finished and need some detailing done. They are made from cork floor tiles. Very cheap at $13 for a pack of 6 and each tile makes one large building. I'm going to make 1 more dwelling and a mosque and I'll use the 6th tile to make some walls.

Now all I need are some palm trees to make a small oasis or two and a few small hills.