Sunday, 15 December 2013


Well, here comes another contentious figure...

This time it's the Eternal Champion ~ Hawkmoon.
I thought I'd have a try at sculpting our hero just to see what came up. I did this without any reference material or any design concept in mind. I just designed it as I went along. The only real thoughts I had were to make him lightly armoured in a fancy sort of way.

All in all I made this figure as a test sculpt to see what came out. He may end up as part of the whole set and he may not. He may go through some modification and end up being sculpted. I don't know. As it is I quite like the figure. There are some aspects I think are quite good and others that I think could do with some revision.

Anyway, here's our hero:

Friday, 13 December 2013

Granbretan ~ Order of the Bull and The Boar

Well, I'm still working of a variety of the Beast Orders of Granbretan just to get a feeling for the various armour, weapons and masks and seeing if my vision looks right. This is the first attempt at the Order of the Bull.

The idea is that the mask/helmet is quite tall to give them added height and the shoulder armour is large to give them extra bulk. The thinking behind this comes from those old cartoons where bulls always have a massive head and shoulders and tiny little legs.

Weapon wise, I'm thinking along the lines of Greek mythology (axes. clubs, maces). Same with the shield.

With this one I'm taking more direction from the Hawkmoon books. In the stories the boars are big, rough and, well... Boarish! So with this guy I've tried to give him a pretty brutal look with heavy, ugly armour and equipment. Not unlike the vultures really.

Friday, 6 December 2013

My First Runestaff Character

It's hard to please everyone all of the time so this one , no doubt, will be contentious. I say this because anyone who had read the Runestaff series will have their own idea of how the characters look or how they should be represented.

So. On with the post...

This is my first sculpt of Count Brass. I deliberately made him a little larger that the other figures (only 1 or 2 millimeters) because he is described in the stories are big and burly with a big moustache and a mane of wild red hair. So I thought he needed to be larger than life. Keeping in line with the baroque theme I also made his armour quite elaborate though practical. It is also very chunky as it is supposed to be made of brass. So I thought it needed to look heavy. The detail will also be better for painting the finished figure as it will provide areas of contrast or sections where a wash will lift details (considering he is supposed to be totally brass coloured).

He should really be wearing a helm but I thought that, seeing that he is a main character you need to see his face. This helps to define him so that you can see his big moustache, weathered face and shock of red hair.

Anyway here he is:

Here are some close ups. On his right shoulder is the fist symbol that appears on his standard (a red fist on a white background).

Wednesday, 4 December 2013


Well, another couple of vulture warriors completed and (for the moment) I've finished with vultures. Once these are cast I'll be getting back on to them using these ones as the basis for some variations. All in all there will be about 12 to 16 of each beast order which is quite a tall order considering there are dozens of Granbretanian beast orders (although only selected ones will be made).

As it is I'm going to move on to some other figures. At this time I'm working on some boars and most notably Count Brass! These two are a vulture captain/champion/hero type and a standard bearer.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Vultures #3

Well I've been continuing to make vulture warriors and I've finished five so far and they are now at Eureka ready to be cast. I forgot to take a pic of the last one I finished (a Standard Bearer) but I do have some pics of the other most recent ones.

And here they are: Two Handed Sword and Flame-lance.

I'm just in the process of doing a captain/commander and then I'll move on to something different for a while - Most likely some Order of the Pig and Hound warriors as these are the most common troops in the Granbretan forces.

Monday, 18 November 2013

Vulture #2

Here's another Vulture Legion Warrior. As you can see this one is a pikeman (keeping with the Renaissance theme). I'm going to make a couple of other pikes - One with the pike shouldered and another with his pike at the advance. I'll also be making a commander and I'm also thinking of a standard bearer and trumpeter. As far as a trumpeter is concerned I'm thinking along the lines of those back mounted standards as worn by samurai. I'm also going to make a couple of variations on the pike itself.

I've also  started making a flamelance which is a weapon very much synonymous with the Hawkmoon saga. I'm thinking along the lines of a firelock musket and, I have to say, my first attempt looks far to plane. A far more baroque design is needed. So back to the drawing board!

Friday, 15 November 2013

Here come the Granbretanians!

Look out Hawkmoon here come the Granbretanian beastmen.
Last week Nic at Eureka Miniatures asked me if I could sculpt a figure of a Granbretainian Vulture Legion warrior. I was pretty happy with this so I got straight into it.

For those who don't have any idea of what I'm on about the Granbretanian's are the creation of author Michael Moorcock. They are a empire of conquering evil doers in his Hawkmoon series of novels. They wear various masks (mostly animals) which are a very important part of their social etiquette. They have hundreds of thousands of soldiers dedicated to various military orders with each wearing the mask of their particular order. So, the one I sculpted was part of the Vulture Legion!

I really enjoyed making this little chap and I think being a huge fan of the stories since I was in high school made a difference to my efforts. And I'm happy to say that Nic liked the figure and I received the go-ahead to make more. This has been a very slow burning project for Eureka (a few years so far) but I'm hoping to get things moving at a good pace. So any of you wargamers that also happen to be Moorcock fans and have been waiting for the chance to get your hands on the armies of Granbretan I'm hoping that you're wait will not be too long.

My concept of the figures will be along the lines of the Italian Wars of the 1500's. By that I mean a couple of things: First is the ability to make large ordered formations similar to regiments of pike, pole arms etc. Second I feel that the imagery in the stories is quite baroque insofar as the elaborate armour, architecture and design. And then there is the weird science that is a mix of alchemy, sorcery and science. To me that falls right in line with the Renaissance. Well a Renaissance that could have been. Then there is the battles, the wars and allegiances of the time: city states, rogue princes, masses of mercenaries.

Having said that my first figure (below) was based on one of the figures Eureka had sculpted a few years back but I looked at the design a bit differently. Considering my ideas I first thought: Vulture Legion: They're mercenaries so... Swiss Guard. Then I thought Landsknecht! Now this was something worth going with.

So I did. And here he is:

He looks very fantasy and there are only a minor details that crept into the design but they were inspired by the fantastic uniforms worn by the landsknecht (German mercenaries of the 1500's). More will be revealed I complete more figures (very soon I hope).

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Space Pulp 2

I played a game of Pulp Alley yesterday at my club (Nunawading Wargames Association). This was an outer space scenario inspired by my new league.

The scenario: On a distant planetoid in the far reaches of the galaxy Captain Dirk Quasar and Co have discovered an abandoned spaceship and several other alien artifacts. Unfortunately a group of evil Space Nazi's calling themselves G.A.S.P. (Germanic Advanced Science Platoon) are also interested in the spacecraft. This can mean only one thing: They plan to use it for their nefarious schemes and only Dirk Quasar, Trixie Nova and the Astro Girls can stop them!

Major Plot Point: The tractor beam emitting from beneath the spaceship. This is obviously a method of getting into the spaceship.

Scattered around the area are other items: A defunct robot, and alien artifact (in the cave), some alien technology and an outcrop of weird crystals.

Minor Plot points: Dithulium Crystals, Robotic Parts, Alien Technology, Alien Artifact.

Each league must possess at least 2 minor plot points before they may attempt the major plot point.

There are also two abandoned space buggies. If a character can win a random challenge they can start up a buggy and zoom around the board.

 Dirk and the Astro Girls gained the initiative and cautiously moved out into the area. Dirk made a beeline towards the creepy looking cave on his left whilst Trixie Nova used her Anti-Gravity Belt to jump towards the crystals atop a rock formation. Meanwhile the GASP Space Nazi's also move forwards behind their massive, rampaging Sturmgaffe (a genetic and bionic enhanced primate).

Still holding the initiative at the start of the 2nd turn Dirk Quasar made directly for the forbidding cave in an attempt to claim the Alien Artifact. Something ancient and evil lurked within and made an attempt at Dirk but his stupendous might saved him from any injury and he wrested the artifact from its prison.

Meanwhile a couple of the Nazi's attempted to retrieve the robotic parts. One was knocked down by and it can only be guessed the the robot still had some defensive functionality left to protect itself. However his counterpart was more successful and managed to get the part he was searching for.

Trixie Nova found herself a victim of her own tricks when her anti-grav belt malfunctioned allowing her to only move 3" for the turn (or maybe the Space Nazis threw a Trip Up card at her). Either way she was caught out in the open on top of a big rock and drew fire from a paip of GASP Nazis. The first got a hit and she only just managing to dodge out of the way of the second Nazi's attack.

By turn 3 GASP was in control of the initiative and the Sturmgaffe was beating at the Alien Technology trying to tear open the outer casing whilst the Astro Girls' laid down blaster and raygun fire which just bounced off the mighty beast. Commander Zorra and another couple of Astro Girls also came out shooting to give Trixie Nova some covering fire. They managed to take down one of the Nazis but at the cost of an Astro Girl. Commander Zorra was also knocked down by a burst of shooting. But they gained Trixie the time she needed and she cracked off a chunk of Dithulium Crystal. 

Dirk Quasar moved out to confront the Sturmgaffe but seeing how big it was decided to check his options.

As turn 4 began GASP once again held the initiative and the Sturmgaffe remembered to use his somewhat impressive cunning (seems he's a bit smarter that Dirk Quasar too). And thus, using a bit of brainpower the Nazi Beast managed to extract the Alien Technology it's master's so desired. 

One of the GASP troopers made straight for the Tractor Beam but stopped short. This was all Dirk Quasar needed. He sprang froward and doing what he does best (punching people) ha managed to pull a Sucker Punch out of his hat and sent his opponent crashing to the dirt. Meanwhile, Captain Zorra had managed to get up and dust herself off and kept up the covering fire.

This was it: Trixie Nova once again activated her anti-gravity belt and jumped straight towards the tractor beam. Reaching out a hand she was sucked into the extremely perilous vortex but managed to keep her cool. With the crystals in hand, Trixie Nova entered the spacecraft and with a loud clang slammed the portal shut saying: "You'z Nazi's can scoot off and find your own spaceship. This one's mine."

Defeated and disgruntled, the GASP Truppen had no option other than to retreat and hatch a new scheme.

Some Zeds and Other Figures

Throughout October I got busy sculpting again. This time I decided to do a bunch of zombies and some survivors of Apocalypse Z.

The first lot I did quickly and I like the results even though there are mistakes that have a certain energy about them. The next lot I took more time over and although they are nice I think they lack that energy. That said I've started another batch and I'm opting for the quick and dirty approach. I also used a mix of 50/50 ProCreate/Miliput on the first batch and I've returned to that medium for the new lot.

I also did a few survivors whilst working on the second batch of zeds. I like these too. They have some nice lines and a good mix of clothing, weapons & attitude. Unfortunately I had to make the archer in two pieces (I'd prefer a single piece). But all in all they should cast up nicely.

I've also decided to move away from integral bases and opted for slottas.

Friday, 8 November 2013

Space Pulp 1

Okay. I Acknowledge my Recalcitrance.

Well, I forgot all about posting stuff on this here blog. When I looked at it I saw that I totally forgot to post anything for the whole of October and I have so much to offer you, Dear Blog Reader. Well it's too late now!

Anyhow, here's something that I recently finished. I made up a league for Pulp Alley using a couple of my Space Hero figures and added a few Valkeeri from Hydra Miniatures as back up. The league is called Captain Quasar & the Astro Girls).

Then, because i was in a Space Pulp frame of mind I thought they needed a space ship so I whipped up this little beauty in record time. Here's a pic of Capt Dirk Quasar and the bubbly Trixie Nova posing before it.

I made it out of a cheap ant farm that I found for $2 in a local thrift store. All I had to add were a some engines, nodules and some feet for the legs and that was it. I like it.

Sunday, 22 September 2013

More Plank Walking

Some more action happened during Pirates in September 2013 this time at the Mitcham RSL (Returned Serviceman's League) Club on 21 Sept. This time it involved the annual Pirate Mega Game. This was played on a very long table by 8 able bodied pseudo-piratical types (me included). It was organised by Mike Goldyn of the Nunawading Wargames Association who you can see as the jolly green pirate in one of the pics below.

My Lads in action: The Quarter Master sets up his firing line.

"Quick ashore lads 'afore those scurvy dogs can land.

The Archie Pelargo Archipelago.

Port Croydon under attack.

Arrrrghhh... They be comin' from all sides.

Peaceful: Port Croydon before the attack.

The organiser: Mr Goldyn (left) in all his Pirate Finery.
A quiet day in Spaniardtown.

My ship: The Hairy Kraken.

And just what every Serious Pirate needs: His very own Skull Dice Tower
(Made by NWA Member Paul Freeman)