Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Hemmingseatic League

Once again, I completely forgot about this blog.
I don't know why, but it just totally forgot about it. But I remembered it today and so, I'll post some stuff.

"What the hell is the Hemmingseatic League?", I hear you ask. Well it's my medieval imagi-nations project. It started with the Teutonic Knights as seen in my last post and grew from there. It's based on the city states of the Hensaetic League but it saves me the effort of doing historical heraldry besides it gives me the opportunity to use my imagination.

The units are generally based for Hail Caesar but several of the units are individually based for use with the Lion Rampant rules. It just means I have to use movement trays with these units for HC.

All the figures are from the Fireforge Teutonic and Templar ranges. I like these figures as they give a good variety of poses and they look very action packed.

A small group of Foot Knights. Good for Lion
Rampant but I need to do more of them for Hail Caesar.