Tuesday, 23 October 2012

King Kong Pulp Game

I've been planning a King Kong based pulp game for a while now. When I say King Kong it involves an island, a film crew and a giant ape other than that it kind of veers off on its own course as it also involves Mudmen and Rocketeers (and a gangster for good measure).

The basic concept is this: A film crew led by the director, CC B DeVille has taken his crew and movie stars to a "mysterious island" to make a film. He is financed by The Mob (the Scallopini family of Chicago) who have sent along one of their fingermen to protect their investment. The crew of the ship Madagascar Queen have decided to try and capture the beast and Rocket Morton and his Rocket Rangers are the cavalry who will come in and try to save the day. Mudmen, dinosaurs and giant spiders will be there to get in the way and make life just that little bit more interesting / difficult.

The rules are very basic and based on a Goal System (except for combat which uses the #+ to hit and wound mechanic) and each character has their own character card and special abilities.


  1. hi! any chance of releasing the templates of these and the other character cards? It would be much appreciated, they look great :)

  2. Hi Wostry, I can publish the other cards but the template is difficult because each is done individually on photoshop and has about 30+ individual layers (which are chopped and changed for each character).

  3. Sorry for replying so late... how about putting them in a rar file? That would make matters easier, right? Because these things are still beautiful, even two months later :)