Saturday, 27 October 2012

Spies - BORIS the Enemy!

I've been working on getting a bunch of figures together for 7TV. The Program I've been working on is titled: Omega Squad.

The Omega Squad is a section of the Surreptitious and Hazardous Assignments Group (SHAG) a Top Secret organisation of Her Majesties’ Government. I've been trying to find some suitable figures for the Omega Squad but I've had no luck in finding what I want. So I decided to sculpt my own characters. I did this a few weeks ago but I only started painting them yesterday.

In the mean time here is Omega Squad's arch nemesis: BORIS. The Bureau of Revolutionary Insurrectionist Strategies: BORIS is an officially sanctioned unofficial section of the KGB which is officially authorized to conduct unofficial operations whilst being officially denied by officials in the Kremlin.

BORIS is headed by Colonel Yuri Zharkov. He and his comrades are specialists in hatching cunning covert operations with the purpose of furthering revolutionary paradigms within the social structures of enemy states. To these ends they are likely to become involved with any number of nefarious plots. They are expert at identifying dissident groups whom they will use as they see fit in order to further the policies of their superiors back in The Kremlin!

From Left: Bogdan Bogdanovich, Colonel Zhukov and Katiya Nadzov

Comrade Putinin (left) and Comrade Boggerov

KGB Types

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