Monday, 2 July 2018

I'm Still Making WWII Stuff

Yes I am. And this time around I've made some new vehicles for my late war British recce and some more roads - This time tarmac roads!

A Dingo Scout Car and two White M3 Scout Cars. These models are resin from Early War Miniatures and they're very nice (but a little pricey when ordering from Australia). I also got a troop of Matilda II's and a little Vickers Light Tank which I haven't finished yet. I'm sure I'll be getting more from EWM.

I also made these roads using the same method as I used to make my dirt roads. The main difference is that I used a charcoal coloured caulk with built in grit that's used for repairing mortar. It was a bit more pricey but it produced a very nice road surface. However, I was a bit impatient and I didn't wait for the caulk to cure 100% so the gaffa tape (duct tape) trick didn't work as well as it did previously.

Lesson learned!

And there's the roads with the vehicles on it.

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