Thursday, 6 January 2022

More Orcish Recruits

It took a bit longer than I expected with other things getting in the way, but I managed to finish what I started in my last post. I got most of the Wargames Atlantic Goblin Warband finished, as well as the Oathmark Wolf Riders. I still have 6 WGA archers to go (which are on the paint desk now) and 3 leftover wolf riders.

I did this second lot of wolf riders as archers. I was going to make a few pillion riders with the 3 leftover riders but I couldn't get two riders of fit well onto the wolves. I tried a few tricks but I just couldn't get them to sit right because all the riders have a forward leaning motion and it looked all wrong.
I can either mix the spears and bow together to make generic light cavalry or I can field them as two individual units (one with spears and the other with bows) or as one large 12 figure mixed unit. 

With the Orcs I decided to rebase the ones I did last month and put them all on to single 25mm round bases. These figures don't go together very well in my opinion. Their shoulder sockets look really odd. But they do look very nice when they're painted and that's the more important thing as far as I'm concerned

There are 25 figures here ~ 24 plus an Oathmark figure that I used to make into an Orc Hero/Leader. He's a bit of a kit-bash using an Oathmark body, wolf-rider sword arm & head, a greenstuff cloak with a fur collar and the fist holding the severed head is from the Wargames Atlantic box.

These guys have swarthy skin as opposed to the green skin of my regular Goblins. I decided that these guys are "Orcs" so I can make them a bit alternative (different stats, special ability, or something else. Maybe they can count as Veteran Troops or Elites or Guards... or whatever might work).


So that's it for now. But, because of this single basing thing I've decided to do this for all of my fantasy troops. I've been thinking of doing this for a while and decided to go for it. I was very conflicted with the multi-basing that I did last year. I like the look of tightly packed troops in formations but it makes these troops much less versatile as far as fantasy wargaming is concerned. So, I got myself a bag full of 25mm round bases and some bags of basing materials and I'm going to start a massive rebasing project of around 300+ figures. Wish me luck and pray for my sanity!

P.S. I'm even considering doing it with my Dark Age Anglo-Saxons too!