Sunday, 2 December 2018

Gratuitous Phalanx Photos

I don't have anything new But I decided that while I had a table and my newly marked out mat set up, that I'd set up my Hellenic troops for a photo shoot.

I wanted to see how they will work for To The Strongest as I really like the look of these rules and intend to get playing them as soon as possible.

Greeks first ~ After re-basing these guys I wasn't sure how big their phalanx is. It was good to set them out to see how they looked. I'm not sure I like the multitude of 20x40mm bases. I might glue some of them together to form 40x40's.

Spartans on the right as deep formations. Armoured hoplites in the center. Poorer hoplites (unarmoured) on the left. The armoured hoplites are also in deep formations but can be deployed as regular and the line extended. They also have Greek and Thracian peltasts and slingers. I can also add Cretan archers (see below). The cavalry element is pretty small. I have heavy Greek and Thessalonian light horse.
 "Spartans! Tonight we dine in Heck!!!"


The Macedonian phalanx in much larger because it also includes the armoured hoplites as Greek mercenaries (no Spartans though). I still need to finish one more syntagma of pike and maybe another one of agema pike.

The phalanx also has three units of theurophoroi in deep formation but if I mix some units I could have 4 of them as regular sized units. There are also two regular units of Thracian foot. I think I might add to these to make them deep warband units. The Greek mercenary hoplites are at the back. And of course, as should be expected in any Successor army there are a some elephants with light infantry support. I like more elephants.

For skirmishers I have light infantry with javelins, two units of Cretan archers, Macedonian archers, and, as above, the slingers and Thracian peltasts (this time as a deep unit).

Cavalry is much stronger with two units of companions, a unit that can double as Thessalonian light cav or Prodromoi. There's also the allied Greek cav.

Having set this up I can see I need more for generals and some individual figures to represent Heroes, etc... And again, I'm not keen on the multitude of 20x40mm bases.


 The LBM Studio decals really bring them to life.
 Thracian's on the flank.
 Companion Cavalry and General.


Well that it. There are a lot of them but, like any wargamer worth their salt, I want more. The Greeks are 99% AB miniatures and the Macedonians are 99% Xyston. The Greek shields are all hand painted and the Macedonian shields are decals from Little Big Man Studios.

The single figures will be used to represent markers and tokens. In To The Strongest you can attach Heroes to units for a one off re-roll so the fighty looking guys will represent those brave fellows.


  1. This looks really good. The grid is identifiable but not overpowering.

    1. Thanks Jonathan. One thing I now have to do, is make a some smaller pieces for rough ground and forest floors (I have plenty of loose trees).

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Michal. It's still a work in progress (always will be, I think).