Thursday, 9 August 2018

Some New DAK from a Different Source

I painted up some new Afrika Korps. These are a bit of a mix with some from AB, some Italeri, some PSC and some from Wartime Miniatures. I'd never heard of this manufacturer before but when I did hear of them I found they were Australian. So, being one who likes to support local business, I ordered some.

The Wartime figures are a touch shorter than AB but they're on a thicker base so when they're put onto a washer they stand about the same height. They're well sculpted with all the correct equipment in all the right places. Their weapons look very nice. I was impressed that the command set included a PzB 39, AT rifle. I wasn't expecting that. The same set also has a pair of 50mm mortars.

In the pics there is an AB figure in the mix so that you, dear reader,
can see that they fit together well.
 And a rear view so you can see the equipment detail.

I also ordered a couple of PSC Pak 38, 50mm Anti-Tank guns from Wartime. A nice little model to give my DAK a little more fire power. I really need to get a couple of 88's to give them some real punch as well as give them some "fear factor."

And some AB command / support.

This is from AB's regular German line. I thought it would make an interesting Medic.
Some command figures. The last guy on the right is plastic Italeri
from their German Motorcycles set.


  1. nice poses, I like the medic scene. Zvezda do a nice 88mm

    1. I like the the Zvezda kits. I'll have to try and find a couple.