Friday, 6 April 2018

Small Napoleonic's

I've taken a rest from painting Napoleonic battalions and regiments while I await delivery of the rest of my Lutzow infantry. So I've been painting Macedonian phalangites as well as rebasing the ones I've already completed. I'll post more about these troops later.

I also decided to paint a few little figures that have been sitting on my desk for a while.

The dragoon is a plastic Perry chap and he's been sitting on my desk, undercoated with an ink wash, for a couple of  years. I have no need for him but I just decided to bring him to life. He's a nice figure and I think he's from the 19th regiment (not really sure).

The vivandière is from Eureka and she's been on my desk for as long as the dragoon. But her customer came with some Warlords French line infantry that I bought a couple of weeks back.

These figures have no real game use... I suppose I could use the vivandière vignette as a Reserve Order token in General d'Armee.