Wednesday, 11 April 2018

My Diadochi So Far...

I thought I'd take some nice photos of my Antigonid Successors now that I have a semi-respectable phalanx. I still need a lot more more cavalry and I'll add at least one more elephant (see previous post). I also have a lot of light infantry/javelins to add too. I have plenty of figures waiting and I doubt that I'll have to buy many more, if any.

The majority of the figures are Xyston. The only exceptions are the elephant (Forged in Battle) and Cretan archers which are from AB. Shield transfers are from Little Big Men Studios.

First of all are my newest phalangites:

The phalanx consists of Agaema, Peltasoi, Chalkespides/Leukaspides (I can't really work out what the difference between the chalk's & the leuk's is supposed to be other than shield colour).

Thureophoroi & Thracians.

And my little cavalry wing. I can always use my Greek and Thessalonian cavalry for the time being until I get more done. I was actually planning to do the 3rd battalion of Lutzow infantry next but I might actually do another couple of bases for these chaps before I go back to that.

So there they are. I'll be adding another peltastoi and another regular pike unit and I have more thureophoroi & Thracians. As mentioned above I also have enough light infantry/javelins to add two or three units.

Note: Auto-correct wants to change peltastoi to Elastoplast.


  1. Looking awesome!
    I love the Elastoplast unit much :p
    best regards

    1. Thanks again Michal.
      These are nice to paint and this is the first time I've set them up in one big mass formation.

  2. That is a very impressive array of troops!

    1. Thanks Jonathan, I still need more though (always need more!).