Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Two Posts in One Day!

In my last post I told the tale of the beginnings of my new medieval navy thanks to the purchase of a card stock cog from a Russian hobby/toy company. I also ordered a chateau/hunting lodge at the same time.

Like the cog, this model was quite cheap - $12.00 and it's fantastic. It's so beautiful and I'm amazed at the level of detail. All the parts that you can't see are also fully detailed. even the underside of the gate ramp and the interior of the top of the tower (you could actually take the top off and have a great looking battlement). That little out building on the right has a fully detailed interior.

It even has a little shit-house at the back!

I'm thinking that I might have to invest in the rest of their medieval city models. I could have a fully detailed, walled village for under $80. This is certainly something worth looking into.

Also... This is now the ancestral home of Sir Otto von Rickenbacker, lord of the Hemmingseatic League so it's only fitting that it is called Castle Hemmingstein.

"Hello. Who's castle is this?"

 "Go away or I shall taunt you a second time."

"Bugger! How did they get in there?"

"Piss of you varlet. This is our castle now."

"Follow me, Herman. I know a secret entrance."

"Quick, search the place."

"They're not up here."

"Not down here either, Sire."

"Where the blood hell are they?"

"There they are, Sire."

"Ah Ha!!!... Where have they gone?"