Monday, 7 August 2017

Shaltari Painting Challenge

Well, I bought the Shaltari starter set for Dropfleet Commander. I thought they'd be a bit of a challenge to get painted and I was right. They are very weird models with lots of tiny little nodes and knobs that need attention. And I'm talkin' hundreds on each of the large models (large being relative at about 4" long).

That said, I rose to the challenge and finished them after a couple of weeks of painting. I'm not 100% happy with my results but they look okay ad are quite striking in the flesh. I do like the idea of making a larger fleet of these things but I don't relish having to go through all that application of tiny dots over and over again. Not at all!

Anyway here are some shots that I took. As usual, my photography is sub-par and is only marginally saved by photoshop. As I said they are quite striking but I can't quite capture the detail in the photos.

Here they are:

Emerald Class Mothership

Voidgates (for dropping ground troops)
To me they look like some kind of fruit salad.

Amber Class Cruiser

Obsidian Class Heavy Cruiser

Jade Class Frigates

Topaz Class Frigates