Saturday, 26 August 2017

NWA Games Day 2017

Today was the Nunawading Wargames Association Games Day (open day).

It was a great day that saw the club members putting their best efforts on the table and inviting the general public along to have a look at what we do. There were some great games on display. Some of them were played and some of them were just for looking at.

My table was a demo of Warpath: Firefight. I spent the past couple of months putting the whole thing together and I had many positive comments for my efforts. My compadre, James, loaned me a couple of armies so that we could show how we've decided to use our collective vision to create interesting & imaginative forces.

Unfortunately, it was also a sad day for long time NWA members as it was the last day that our club will meet at this venue (after twenty or more years). The church have decided to pull down the existing hall and build a new one. Admittedly, it's 55 years old and it is showing it's age, but it was a nice venue.

Vale, Church Hall...

There were a few unexpected games and my favorite was the football stadium for Striker (a soccer game). The stadium was very (dare I say it) striking and the talk through of some rules seemed really interesting. I'm going to have to try this and with only 14 figures to paint it's a definite easy project.

Others that I really liked were the Team Yankee, Six Day War and Wings of War games. All really great efforts all round.

First lot of photo's by me but I also stole a lot from Russell C.

Team Yankee - Those pesky Soviets are invading... again!

Some WWII action on the Kokoda Track in New Guinea.

Once again the Saxon Shore was under attack ~ Command & Colours

Wings of War ~ The Flying Circus ready to attack.

Another of my favorites of the day was this battle of Ironclads on the Potomac during the ACW. A fantastic looking game full of impressive detail from Gary and Charles.

10, 20, 30, 40, 50 or more... He should have been over on the Wings of War table. 

Early in the day but the crowd was starting to fill up.

The great soccer stadium made by Paul (in the red hat). A really great and original effort.

The Bring and Buy was impressive this year but it didn't seem like the punters were buying despite of all the effort put into the bringing.

The Six Day War.

And then there was Kharkov 1943. I didn't know what to make of this game. It looked like a tank park but that was actually the deployment. There were so many tanks on the table that I don't know how they would have maneuvered. And it seemed that they didn't. They just blew up where they sat.
I remain confused by this one.

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