Tuesday 28 May 2024

Bug In or Bug Out!

 A short Space Bug update.

I have a bug at this point in time. I'm coughing and full of snot. Hot lemon and honey with a shot of whisky is the only cure. At least it's the only of which I approve!
Anyway, enough of my misery and complaining... I've continued to paint bugs and I've managed to finish two of the larger bugs that I bought - the Ankeg 3D prints I recently bought. They took a bit more effort than the others and they came out looking great. I might see if I can get my hands on a couple more. At $20 for a pair they're pretty good value compared to other "space bug" miniatures on the market.
Compared to the Wargames Atlantic, Harvesters they are about twice the size. So they will be perfect for representing larger/tougher bug species or unit leaders etc. I mounted the harvesters on 40mm bases and these bigger guys are on 60mm bases. I wasn't too sure about the ivory coloured mandibles and claws but that's the way I did them and I'm not going to change them now. Since I took the photo's I have noticed that I forgot to paint their eyes but that's an easy fix.
I also took some pics of my other bugs. These are metal figures from Khurasan Miniatures from their 15mm sci-fi range. I considered getting more but I looked at their site and saw a Bugswarm Pack which is what I bought. It has 30 of the green bugs so I must have anther packet of 15 somewhere. I know I've seen them but I can't remember where they are. I don't want to order more in case I find them. I like the idea of using these as something like a large locust swarm, so lots of them would suit that theme.
I'd order more of these but they come with 4 flying and four on the ground and I only really want the flying version. What sort of fool would want flying critters that aren't flying? Not this fool!
So that's it for the moment. I haven't found the big beetle figure from my previous post. It came as part of the Bugswarm Pack. I know I still have it but it's a matter of locating it amongst the various boxes of various armies in various locations around the house and garage.

Thanks for reading,
Ian KH

P.S. The whisky was Jack Daniels for those interested.


  1. Excellent looking bugs Ian.
    How tall are the green bugs? I am considering getting some for my 10mm scifi.
    P.S. I have heard that omitting the honey and lemon improves the cure 😁

    1. Thanks Ben. The green bugs are about 3/4 on an inch high. Mine are mounted on 25mm bases. They are 15mm so they'd go well with 10mm. The blue flying bugs are slightly larger and they're mounted n 30mm bases.

      P.S. I'll try your improved flu elixir.