Monday, 28 March 2022

Deadhead Reinforcements

I've added a few reinforcements to my army of the dead. These don't swell the ranks of the dead very much but they do increase their numbers a bit and also add a couple of new monsters.
I added another unit of a dozen Oathmark Revenants. These are great figures and this is my second box of 30 figures, both of which will make up 5 units of 12 figures - A nice core of solid infantry for my undead hoards.
I have no idea at all where this figure comes from. I picked it up from a friend who was selling off some stuff at my club. It was a pre-painted figure on a clear base and is made of soft plastic. I cleaned it up a bit to get rid of mould lines and gave it a quick paint job. Nothing spectacular.
He adds a nice dimension to my deadheads. I don't really have many larger models in the hoard (but I do have a dragon!) so he will definitely add to the army both visually and as a semi-big hitter.
I don't really know how giant scorpions fit into an army of the dead but they seem to appear in a few movies where the dead are doing their thing. This is a Reaper Bones model. I bought this about 12 to 18 months back and found it really hard to assemble. Only recently did I think of a way to put it together and mount it effectively.
It's a great looking figure and I gave it a very basic paint job. But it came out very effective and I'm really happy with it. As I'm typing this it makes me think: I have a few left over Oathmark Goblin Wolf Riders. I might play around with them to see if I can seat them onto this figure. If I can I might have to get a few more of these and do a bit of modelling.
And that's it for now. I've started doing some Goth cavalry which I'm going to paint up as pseudo Riders of Rohan (or something similar).

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