Monday, 6 September 2021

Y Ddraig Goch ~ For My Mum

I finished this figure today. It's yet another Reaper Bones model. It's supposed to be a silver dragon but the pose makes me think of the Welsh Dragon. Being Welsh (and Australian) I couldn't paint this figure silver. Red was the only colour I considered and the similarity to the Welsh Dragon was the main reason that I bought it.
In my last post I pondered the conundrum of two heads being better than one. Now I have to ponder the imponderable and decide if three heads are better than two! This is a Reaper Bones Chimera. I bought it online and when I saw it the flesh I was unimpressed. But I decided to paint it anyway and... Behold! It came up really nicely. I didn't think I could do it justice but it came out far better that I expected.