Monday, 14 May 2018

To the Recent Past - WWII

In anticipation of the Battlegroup game I played last week, I picked up a bunch of WWII stuff at the annual Sale Night held at our club ~ NWA ~ a couple of weeks back. I also decided to get back to making and painting some of the stuff I already had in the cupboard.

What I picked up was some die-cast German armour. I like these things because they require no construction, they're already painted and they're to scale. You probably know what they are, they are those vehicles that come with a magazine will a title like: Famous Vehicles of WWII, or something like that.

I actually had the radio cars already. I picked them up at my local newsagent who were selling them off very cheap at $2 each. They are the Rommel Command vehicle: Greif. I just used some decal softener and rubbed off the Greif motif.

The SdKfz 234/2 Puma, I picked up at the sale. It looks good and will provide a strong reconnaissance element. I also picked up a 234/4 variant too but it's not finished yet, as I like to give them a bit of weathering because they're too pristine straight from the box.

I also picked up an SdKfz 222. Together with the radio cars they make a good start for my future DAK.

In my cupboard I had a box of Plastic Soldier Company M3 Halftracks, so I made them for my late war British. One of them is from another company.

I made up some infantry too. I had a box of Zvesda British Engineers, which had a mine detection section and a signals line team which are both useful for Battlegroup. The line crew warms my former Signalman's heart. Here they are together with some AB figures that I made last year (AB in the center, Zvezda on either side.). A nice little set of figures.

And I did some more AB heavy weapons too.

I also picked up these die-cast Pz IV's at the sale. I'm not sure if I should repaint them or just give them a bit of weathering. We'll see what happens...

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