Saturday, 5 May 2018

The Antigonids Just Keep on Coming

I'm still pressing on with my Successors and this time I have more euzenoi and a baggage camp.

I was going to order one of the Greek tents from Baueda Miniatures. It looks nice and not too expensive but the postage was ridiculous (three times the cost of the model). So I decided to make one.

I made a basic shape using SuperSculpey and glued it to some MDF bases. After baking it in the oven I made the tent on top of the basic shape.

After finishing it and giving it a second baking I decided to transfer it onto a larger base. I had an old drinks coaster sitting around, so I used that. I decided to paint it up in true Successor colours (lots of purple) and added a guard to keep the king/general safe. 

So here's my simple, yet cheap, camp.

Also during the week I finished a second unit of euzenoi to protect the flanks of my might phalanx. I'm not sure if I should do a third unit at this stage or move on to some Thracian cavalry.

Both units together.