Saturday, 13 May 2017

Sci-Fi Table/Terrain

I'm still having a great time doing sci-fi stuff and finally got to use my GCPS in Firefight a couple of days ago and they performed okay (but lost the game).

However, I've decided to build a sci-fi town. I started, thinking that I'd make a nice clean "Star Trekesque" place with clean lines and a light colour scheme. But yesterday I took a trip the The House of War (a local store with a few dozen highly decorated tables) and saw some fantastic gritty looking dark and grimy tables that looked great. These tables used the same mdf terrain that I've decided to use and now I'm at loggerheads with myself as to which direction to take. Clean or gritty?

Anyhow, here's my first haul of buildings and other stuff:

I was also given this set as a freebie from Tim at Miniature Scenery. Little doodads to give the table character.

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