Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Sci-Fi Table Project Update_1

Well my terrain project to build a sci-fi table is underway. I've built the terrain I bought and now it's time to paint it. I've had an couple of airbrushes (and air compressor) sitting in a box for a long long time and I've decided to break them out to do the painting. Anything I use to know about airbrushing has vacated my head so I've been watching You Tube for beginners lessons.

I also ordered a battle mat. I've never bought one of these before but I have seen plenty of them and played on a few. I'm thinking that I'll need quite a lot of terrain to fill this area up so I might make some scratch buildings instead of investing too much in mdf pieces. The mdf looks fantastic but the expense of them makes large quantities a bit of a hurdle. I'll be better able to work things out when I get the mat and eyeball it.

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