Saturday, 2 March 2013

Well, I haven't been lazy

It's been a while since I posted anything here but it's not due to laziness. I've been busy sculpting a whole bunch of figures but then I tend to forget that I'm running this blog.

I've been planning to release a bunch of sets of pulp figures and I've been furiously sculpting. I've changed my sculpting style and opted for a bolder and simpler look. I feel that this style works better for the pulp genera. I'm planning each set to have 5 character figures plus a model that fits in with the overall theme of each set (for instance 4 explorers and a mummy or 4 hillbillies and a moonshine still).

The change in style has also resulted in better figures all round. Here are some of the new figures. I'll post more later:


  1. These are my favorites of the minis that you have been sculpting. I am looking forward to these coming out. Also a nice way to channeling your smoking urges!

  2. Hi Lon, it helps with quitting smoking but... It certainly isn't an instant cure!!!
    I'll be sculpting more as soon as I get some new armatures. I'm going to do sets of 5 figures or 4 figures and something else (like a ray-gun or a lost treasure - That sort of thing).
    I'm hoping to start getting them cast within the next few weeks.