Tuesday, 12 March 2013

More Recent Sculpts

Here are some more of the sculpts I finished a couple of weeks ago. I use Ebob's 28mm skeletons as armatures and I ran out of them. So whilst I've been waiting my sculpting drive has ground to a halt. This isn't such a bad thing considering that we here in Melbourne have been having an indian summer heatwave and my work area has been unbearably hot. The heat is due to break tomorrow.

But, in the mean time here are some of the other sculpts that I've been posting on other forums. First up a couple of Outer Space Adventurers:

These ones are more 30's/40's Pulp. The singing sisters need a boogie-woogie bugle boy and a microphone to complete the set. The other guy is just another ruffian type.

And finally some 70's cops/spy-fi types. I reworked the lady from the original pic posted last month.

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