Tuesday 25 June 2024

A New Boss and Some Other Boring Figures

I'm still painting bugs and building my xenomorph army. I'm enjoying painting sci-fi stuff at the moment. It's easy and gives pretty good results for minimum effort. This week I wanted to paint up the big 3d print critter that bought. I wasn't really sure what I was doing but it came together okay in the end.
It is a great figure with very nice detail. I wasn't sure if I could do it justice with the minimalist colour scheme that I'm using for my bug host but I think it came out all right. Here is is with the other bugs I currently have. It seems suitably huge to me. It's on an 60mm base... The other regular sized bug on the right is on a 40mm base.
I also put together and painted the second box of Mantic Reapers (at least I think they're called Reapers). Horrible figures to put together but they do look weird and scary. I like them and, as mentioned in my previous post, I'm calling these Xenomorph Hybrids. I now have 20 of them and here they are with the new boss.
And they other thing I made during the past week are some Firefight Enforcers - once again from Mantic. These figures were pretty easy to construct but I think they're a bit boring. They were easy to paint too. I didn't bother doing much detail on them as I found the sculpts to be ill-defined and sort of indefinite. They are not really very crisp and lack something. I don't find them are very inspiring although they do have hard-sci-fi look about them.
Having said that I think they came out okay and it should be an easy task to build and paint up the rest of them.

And that's what I did last week. I also played a Napoleonic game over the weekend. I played General d'Armee 2 for the first time. It was an interesting game but, strangely I found it to be a very "gamey" set of rules and a bit of a departure from the original rules. Maybe I'm wrong - after all is was my first game.

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  1. Great looking figures Ian.
    The mummy bug looks suitably angry at her noisy and destructive brood!

    1. Thanks Ben,
      I have another box of the Wargames Atlantic bugs and I think I'll stop when I've done those (unless I can find some other cheap and effective recruits).