Wednesday 15 November 2023

War of Spanish Succession ~ Maybe More Rebasing

Greetings folks. I've been keeping busy by adding a new brigade to my 10mm French for the WSS. I finished a three battalion brigade and on the last battalion I decided to base the figures differently. The figures I've done so far (7 battalions in all) are based 10 figures to a 50mm base with 3 bases to a battalion. This makes 30 figures on a 150mm frontage. 
I like the look of the 3 bases. It makes the units very easy to move around and to store. However, I'm not so keen in the way that the figures are spaced out to much. So, just to see the difference I base the most recent battalion onto 25x25mm bases with 6 figures per base. This gives me a battalion of 30 figures on 5 bases. The figures look packed together much better but the ease of the 50mm bases is gone and the battalion doesn't look as tidy.
Another thing to consider is that the frontage of the 5 bases fits better with my cavalry (squadrons on 50mm bases) and I can also deploy the battalion in a march column much better. There is also a central command base which might be handy for some rules somewhere along the way. On the subject of rules the 5 base system will work with the Honours of War, WSS supplement, which is another consideration to take into account.
So, if I want to change my basing it will be better to do it now whilst I only have 6 other battalions that need to be done. At this scale the project will only take a couple of hours so it won't be as painful as other recent re-basing projects.

As it is, I intend to finish off the cavalry brigade and add a Gardes Française brigade before moving onto an Allied army to oppose these fine chaps. So it's best that I make a decision soon. Luckily I have a multitude of 25mm squares from all the Oathmark boxes that I've bought over the past few years. 


  1. I think most of my projects take a rebasing decision after the first few units are done! For my money - I prefer the closer shoulder to shoulder look.

    1. Thanks Norm. I was talked into re-basing the single battalion to look like the rest, so that's what I did. 30 x Figures on three bases. It saved time but I don't think it was the right way to go. When I look at them they all seem to be standing in open order instead of being packed close together as they should.