Thursday, 21 December 2017

Antigonid Peltastoi

Another day where I've made two posts...

This time it is my first unit of Peltasts for my Antigonid Successors. Some may say: "These suckers ain't no peltasts!" But they are. The Antigonid army had a rather large corps of elite phalangites called Peltasts (or Peltastoi). They were named for the small bronze shield (called a pelta) that they carried.

These troops are part of the same corps as the Agema that I painted last month. Like that unit they could also be equipped with the shorter (dory) spear but I chose to give these fellows pikes.

One thing bothers me with these troops and one of the other pike block that I painted...
The first unit of phalangites I made as 24 figures but the other ones I've done since I've done as 18 figures.

I like the larger units but it takes longer to paint them. The 18 figure units are large enough for Sword and Spear and other games based on DBA basing, but I'd also like to use them for Hail Caesar which looks better with larger units.

Cost isn't an issue. I can get as many figures as I need with no problems. It's painting time that is the issue. Even though I'm painting these guys pretty fast I know that a time will come when I get sick of painting them and I want to be finished before that time arrives. So less to paint is a good thing.

But big units just look so, damned good!

That's my problem.