Monday, 27 November 2017

Quinquereme's and a Hepteres (or 5's & 7)

What does this strange title mean?

It means that my tiny fleet has grown - with larger, more powerful  ships!

By larger, I mean that compared to my triremes, the quinquereme's (5's) are about 2mm longer and about 1mm wider and the hepteres (7) is so huge it needed a bigger base! (because it's about 4mm longer and about 3mm wider). The sails are bigger too.


As for power they each have an engine and some have towers but I think that they are all classed as having towers in the Ad Mare Bellum rules. The engines are basically light torsion projectile weapons such as light ballistas or scorpios.

I'm using the 5's primarily as Hellenic but the actual models are Carthaginian. I'll probably use them as quadremes (4's) sometimes too. As for the 7, I wanted to include a couple of bigger, hard hitting ships that canbolster the line a& also act as squadron commanders. I also have a Octeres (8) waiting on my desk and that will be my flagship.

Just like the pictures below I have, waiting to be done, another 6 quins, another 7 and the 8. That should complete my fleet for the time being.

I had a lot of fun trying to paint the eyes on the prows.

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