Saturday, 8 July 2017

Super Shenanigans - Super System 4

 We had our first game of this months super hero mini-campaign.

Four super teams were transported by a powerful entity to a strange arena where they were forced to battle it out in two one on one encounters.

James set up his super hero table (conveniently bisected but a monorail system) and the teams lined up to do their best. On one end Jame's team - The Equalisers, took on Neil's Team Quasar whilst my European Union took on the group of mysterious black figures that seemed not to have properly materialized into this strange world at this point in time.

My opponent, Piotr's team don't have a name as yet (at least, I don't know it) so they really are Mysterious Black Beings.

Photos by me and some I stole from Neil (because his are better than mine).

Opening Moves:

The Batmobile is a "prop" that sits outside the very detailed comic
book store terrain piece in the bottom right of the pic.

The European Union get ready.

The mysterious Black Beings.

The fight began on the far side of the arena but on my side the European Union had the initiative with the frightening Bog Dweller leaping from building to building looking for an advantage. The first of the Black Beings moved forward so Euro-Vision, hovering above the melee, used her significant mental powers to hurl a motor car at the shadowy creature. Unexpectedly, the car went straight through the creature who seemed to be insubstantial (Density Decrease power).

Both teams advanced toward each other when Red Rocket fired up his jet pack and took to the air, aimed his wrist-mounted rocket launchers at a shadowy figure and fired a fusillade of micro-missiles at it causing some damage. However, the foul creature's strange metabolism seemed to heal itself and it moved forward seemingly, unworried.

As the teams continued to get to grips with each other the frost giant ICEBERG, picked up and hurled a second vehicle at one of the, more substantial shadowy figures. This time the creature was hit by the four wheeled missile, but a mysterious energy field deflected any damage (Cloak power).

These enemies were full of tricks!

Both parties continued to move forward looking for advantage. Euro-Vision, Hoplon and ICEBERG held the center. Red Rocket remained aloft looking for targets whilst the Bog Dweller took a quick ride on the mono-rail.

Battle is joined:

Finally the teams came into combat range. ICEBERG ripped up a lamp post and started swinging. The Black Being's had materialize in order to fight and in this they proved their vulnerability. Fists and lamp posts started swinging.

Euro-Vision attempted a Sonic Euro-Wail (Mind Attack) to minor effect but her target used an Entangle power which to took hold and dragged her to earth. The creature then moved in for the kill...

The leader of the Black Beings, a female of their kind, used some kind of arcane force to imitate the strength of the might ICEBERG. What was this? It struck the glacial giant and inflicted very minor damage. The ice man-mountain, in turn, pounded away but the creature was tough as nails and refused to go down willingly.

Euro-Vision is in serious danger from an attack 
by one of the Black Beings.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the arena, sounds and flashes of a raging battle could be heard.

Euro Power...

It was imperative that the EU get the initiative this turn and Euro-Vision's Super Mind powers ensured this happened. In a stunning display of her mental faculties she used her telekinetic powers to grab her assailant and send it flying though the air to land with a bone crunching impact. But it wasn't enough to stop the creature, which healed itself and stood again. Hurt, but not out of the fight. (I rolled really crappy dice - Only 7 out of 22 possible damage points).

The maneuver of the game, some said...

The fight continued, As the Black Beings began to materialize and attack they also became vulnerable. Holpon and ICEBERG took on the brunt of the combat and stood up to it with a combination of strength and toughness. The Bog Dweller finally go into the thick of it and managed to rend one of the foes and give Hoplon a chance to do his thing.

Extricating himself from combat with one of the lesser beings, he aimed a precision blow at the Black Leader and, using the power of the Plutonic Spear, drained part of her toughness and strength.
This opened the way for ICEBERG to wind up a big hay-maker, which connected with all of his substantial power.

Continuing the assault on the Black QueenEuro-Vision did her telekinetic trick again and slammed the creature into the road with enough force to crack the surrounding buildings. (I rolled 22 damage points this time and all 16 dice scored damage with lots of 6's and 5's).

The creature wasn't dead however and two of its minions managed to break way and heal it. Red Rocket took a shot at but couldn't damage her but the Bog Dweller did inflict more minor damage. But, when all is said and done, the creature never managed to stand up again. For now...

Thus ended a fun game. Blows were thrown, powers were surging, things were smashed and vehicles went flying through the air.

I like how my team worked. I made them in such a way that they need to work in unison with no single character over powering the others. Of all of them Red Rocket is possibly the weakest but his job is to be a flying artillery battery and against a more traditional foe he would have been more effective. I'm quite happy that I managed to get the powers coordinated in the last couple of turns.

By the way, we didn't have any flying stands, so dice containers and coffee cups were the order of the day.

Some more of Neil's nice pics:


  1. WoooW Terrain of game is masterpiece!

    1. Thanks, it's been a labor of love for a number or years now.

    2. Yes, all Jamse' work and it's always a pleasure to play on this table.

  2. Looks like a fun and exciting game.

    1. It was. We were a bit slow on the rules but it was speeding up toward the end.

  3. Great report Ian! I'll get onto mine shortly.

  4. It certainly sounds exciting!

    1. Super heroes are a great way to let your imagination take control.