Thursday, 27 April 2017

One of These...

I only posted my newest Firefight stuff yesterday and I'm already making another post, because now I have one of these.

I's an Mule Transport, which is just a fancy name for an APC (that's an Armoured Personnel Carrier for the uninitiated). The model is a laser-cut MDF kit made by Miniature Scenery. It looks the part and was easy to build and, for the cost, is perfect.

I had a pleasant surprise last Sunday morning when this was hand delivered to me by Tim, who runs Miniature Scenery. It seems that he lives not far from me and was dropping his daughter at a friends house near by. Nice chap and he threw in an extra sheet of doodads (sci-fi doors, grates, windows etc). I'll be ordering more of his stuff.

Anyway, here it is:

With some crew (they look a bit large due to perspective)

And here it is with a Laser Cannon.

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