Thursday, 23 February 2017

More WWII British ~ Heavy Weapons

My fledgling British forces needed some heavy support so I made an investment in some AB 20mm figures and they're lovely. These figures match well with the Plastic Soldier Company stuff I got at Canberra. There is a slight difference but overall they fit together nicely.

Some of these figures will make up a carrier platoon and other will take up other heavy weapons slots in whatever list I use.

The figures below will form the basis of an engineer section. I'm not really sure how to build an engineer unit but there are more AB engineer figures available so I'll just add some of those fellows into the mix. Some Bangalore torpedoes would be a nice addition.

Also... I finished a troop of StuG III's from PSC. I'll be heading off this afternoon to get a couple of commanders to fill the hatches,


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    1. Greetings to you, Michal. Thank you.
      I noticed on the tanks, after I posted the pics, that I forgot to paint the tracks. Fixed now.

  2. Hello Ian, sorry for the plug in your comment section but I think this 28mm KS campaign may be of interest to you and your audience.

    Thank you for taking a look. Your friend,

  3. Are you thinking Chain of Command for WWII gaming Ian?