Tuesday, 10 January 2017

My First WSS Regiment

Well, I've started into my 2017 War of Spanish Succession project.

This is the 1st Bourbon Regiment from Montmorency's Brigade as at Blenheim. I decided to use Blenheim as a reference point because there is a lot of information available and I decided to start with Montmorency's Brigade because I once use to live in the Melbourne suburb of Montmorency and it isn't far from where I live now.

I'm going to make about 7 or 8 infantry regiments, 2 or 3 of cavalry, one dragoon regiment and a few guns. For "Lily Banners" that's about three commands and should be enough to get some decent games underway.

The figures are Ebor Miniatures and although they look quite nice they're not as easy to paint as Front Rank and they require quite a bit to effort to clean up mold lines. I hope that then next regiment I do are a better cast.

Anyway, the end result looks nice.

The flags were, again, made by me using photoshop. The flag finials are by by Front Rank, they top the whole thing off very nicely.


  1. Looking fantastic, Beautiful uniform colours.

  2. Superb, love this uniform, we have the same one and it highlights all the table! Great job and splendid flags (very impressive!), I'll come back to look at your future units, very promising!

  3. Handsome regiment with grey coat and red facings and breeches. Good looking flags too!