Saturday, 19 November 2016

Battle of the Ruperts

I had a small introduction to ECW game yesterday. My friend, Robin. who bought the Royalist Army that I turned down (see previous post) has never played ECW so I took him through a game of Pike & Shotte so he could get his lovely new troops onto the table.

The game was his Royalist's led by a Prince Rupert figure against my own Royalist's led by my own Prince Rupert. The king was looking on from the sidelines (no doubt trying to figure who was the real Rupert and who the Pretender!)

We're planning a large game in the near future and this game was to get Robin familiar with the P&S rules. I'm not 100% familiar with these rules as I don't play them often enough. Luckily Tom, who has played P&S a bit more than I, tuned up and helped out with rule clarifications in a few places.

We had a good game and sorted things out as we went along. It also gave me the opportunity to get a few photos of some of the new additions to my army - including my new Rupert!

Note: The Pretender Rupert in the background!

My battle line.

Robin's battle line. 

The true Prince Rupert (mine one)

We had a nice little dragoon skirmish amongst the wheat fields on the flank.


  1. Thanks for the game Ian. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to the next one.

  2. Yep big ECW bash planned for sometime in December. Hopefully we have enough troops to do Marsten Moor

  3. Lovely looking ecw armies, are they all warlord?
    Best Iain

    1. I' don't think they are all Warlord figures but certainly they make up the greater majority of them. I know I have a few Old Glory artillerymen and some OG/Perry officers mixed in.