Sunday, 2 October 2016

Those Prussians Keep On Coming

Greetings Readers,
I haven't been slack with my Prussian painting it's just that I've had to slow down a bit. Sculpting and pirate wargaming have slowed my progress but I'm still getting them done.

This is the 3rd battalion of the 12th Reserve Infantry Regt. They are an East Prussian battalion but they were part of this regiment along with the other two battalions of Brandenburgers. The very basic uniform is taken from Osprey, Men at Arms 192 (Prussian Reserve, Militia & Irregular Troops 1806 - 1815). The only distinction is on their hat band. Otherwise they are all grey. Once again I took the liberty of adding some piping to their cuffs to disguise the spot where I cut the cuff flap from the plastic Perry figures.

As usual the battalion cadre wear the uniform of their parent Line Regiment. In this case it is, again, the Leib Regt. This battalion still wear the black straps with which the entire regiment were initially issued but the first first two battalions got white straps early on. So, even thought they wear the black straps that usually designate the 3rd battalion as fusiliers, these chaps are musketeers. But that's no problem because soon I'll be painting the Thuringian Battalion which was a light battalion of Saxon turncoats that fought in the manner of the French leger.

I also finished a company of Guard Jager, which were attached to the 7th Brigade. I do need to make another 6 of them to make up the full numbers present but I'll leave that for now because these were a pain in the arse to make.

I made the Guard Jager from the jager figure in the Perry boxed set. I straightened out the left leg on most of them and added a shako wearing head from the Perry French Hussar set. The plumes came from another shako. The various arms and rifles came from a variety of sources including French Dragoons and Victrix French. they are a bit of a mash up but they'll do the trick on the table.

Just a couple of quick picks:

Guard Rifles! What more could a wargamer want?