Thursday, 8 September 2016

The Prussians Keep on Coming

They've slowed down a bit but the Prussians are still coming.

The next lot for my Prussian Project is the 12th Reserve Infantry Regiment. These chaps are part of the 8th Brigade. I'm making both the 7th and 8th Brigades 1813. There are a couple of reasons I'm making both brigades: a) They each share half of the same cavalry regiments, b) Neither brigade is large enough to field as a wargaming "Army", c) Both brigades are based around the Leib Regiment / Brandenburg troops, & d) The more troops the better.

The 12th Reserve Infantry have a pretty simple uniform. Grey with red collar tabs (the 3rd battalion had dark orange collar tabs). I did take a couple of liberties with their uniform by adding red piping on their cuffs and along the bottom of the jacket. The reason for this being that I used Perry plastics for them and I had to slice of the cuff flaps which left half the cuff with piping and a flat bit where I removed the flap. So, a red piping line fixed this.

As for the red piping in the coat... Well their coat is not supposed to have tails but the figures do have tails. I decided to paint piping on the tails (even though you can hardly see them) because the detail on their left hand side is almost nil. So to define the line between their jacket and pants I, once again, decided on a line of red piping.

They look okay anyhow. At least I could paint the Command base to represent the Line Infantry cadre who came from the Leib Regiment (8th Line).

And here's a pic of how they may have appeared in a wargaming publication of the 1960's or 70's


  1. Thanks for the positive feedback. The third battalion is in progress I'm hoping to finish them sometime this week. They won't get into battle until November as my club concentrates on pirates throughout September and this October I'll be concentrating on he 1066, 950th anniversary.