Wednesday, 20 July 2016

8th Lieb Regiment - Done!

Well, it took me a little longer than I had planned but I finally finished the my first Prussian regiment - The 8th Lieb. I had a few issues that slowed me down (including a taxi smashing into me and writing off my car).

But I finished them and I've now started on some uhlans. They are cleaned up, assembled and base coated. I'm not sure what regiment they are going to be at this stage but I can worry about that when I have to paint their collars and cuffs.

Here's some pic of the regiment on some fancy terrain. I'm going to double the number of jagers because according to the Order of Battle that I'm following I should have two companies.


  1. Very nice! You where able to fit 28mm figures on ha ½ inch frontage?

    1. The frontage is supposed to be 8mm according to the rules. That's in one rank, the pics show double ranked basing. Perhaps he is basing two figures (double ranked) on the frontage for two single ranked figures according to NCiM. So he has the right number of figs on the correct frontage but deeper. I'm guessing.

    2. Yeah, but I had to off-set them a little. I also had to clip the bases.