Saturday, 7 May 2016

The Wisdom of Normans

Today at my club NWA (Nunawading Wargamses Association) we had a day of Dark Ages gaming because tomorrow is International Viking Day (even though today is actually International Nude Gardening Day).

I helped to organise this event and it went quite well with four tables set up and over a dozen games played all together. We used the Shieldwall Rampant  rules adapted from Lion Rampant that I posted a couple of days ago. They worked well and most folks seemed happy with the results.

I spent the week painting up a bunch of Normans for the day and they were a roaring success of the battlefield although I used my Saxons for my first game. They looked nice performed well and did all the things that Normans should do (ie: shot guys with their crossbows and the milites charged guys.

I played both games against Ben of Monsieur le Rosbif & Johnny Frog fame.

His doughty Saxons were caught in a storm of wild charges by the Norman cavalry (the special rule that makes knights charge you)which ended with them wiping most of the Saxon host from the table. However, a group of Saxon archers on the other side of the river who resisted every command roll to cross ended up picking off the Norman knights one by one and turned a smashing victory into something less impressive.

So was there wisdom in paining up a bunch of Normans for today. Too right it was. They look nice they work well and now I have to think up an appropriate, yet stupid, name for my Norman commander.

I didn't get many photo's because I forgot my camera and my phone was running short on power. Ben took lots of photos and will probably write up some after action reports so go over to his blog and have a look.

Comes Richarde la tĂȘte
Count Richard Head
(I think that name might work)

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