Saturday, 4 January 2014

After the Yuletide

Well, the Christmas over and the New Year is upon us and even thought I haven't posted anything here for a while I have been busy. I've made quite a few figures that I haven't posted (mainly because I've been pretty busy) so I'll post them today.

I also have a bunch of figures from the first lot of castings. They are not available at this stage as Nic & Tony at Eureka are waiting until they have decent selection beforehand. They have sent some to their hired painter Rod and I'm keen to see how they come out. I'm going to paint a few myself too!

Well here are some figures:

This first one is the Order of the Wolf. He was done as a prototype to make sure the look worked out right. Here he is in one piece but he has since been cut up into three parts.

Another Vulture. The Order of the Vulture is close to completion. I also have another few figures that are almost complete.

Order of the Board and the Pig. Both of these were built on basic leg and torso sculpts that I made just for this purpose. By removing the heads I can also use these torsos for other orders if needs be.

Order of the Fly: Now this is one of my favorites so far. He is a little different to the others in that he is armoured in a totally different style. What I like to think of as Insectile Chic. Another aspect with this figure was to try and get him looking a bit crazy. Future Flies will have weirder poses. They need to look erratic and need to convey a grubbiness of mind.

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