Saturday, 14 September 2013

Walking on the Planks

My wargaming club Nunawading Wargaming Association has, since 2011 run an event called Pirates in September. This coincides with International Talk Like a Pirate Day (Sept 19) and runs for the whole of the
month. It includes any pirate game that you can think of. Players are encouraged to try out any set of rules or play their favorite set... Whatever! Games are not limited to the 1700's Caribbean - Vikings, Barbary Coast, Napoleonic landings and even Somali Pirates. Basically anything related to piratey behavior (except for video pirating).

This all culminates in a Pirate Mega Game using the Legends of the High Seas rules involving as many players as want to be involved.

Today I played two games of LotHS games using some really nice terrain made by another friend. I won the first game and my opponent won the second. In both games we played a "Rescue the Hostage: scenario. Both of us failed to save the hostage who was undoubtedly made to walk the plank as punishment.



    Much mirth was to be heard up the other end of the hall that day.

    PS. I'll be running my Royal Marine landing scenario on Friday.

    1. Ben, that'll be good to see. Napoleonic naval action is rarely seen at NWA.