Tuesday, 25 December 2012

A variety of Recent Stuff

Well, I decided to get some of my lead mountain painted over the past few days. I decided to do some Pulp and Geezer figures because I'm going to want to use these guys soon. I also painted a bunch of zombies but I'll get some pics of them when I get more of them painted. I did a pretty rough job on them so that they would have that disheveled, walking dead look. I'm not very fond of nice neat zombies. While they look good they look nice to me they appear a bit too tidy for the recently risen.

Anyway here are some of the pulps that I've just finished. The chunky lady in red looks very much like my next door neighbor (same attitude too).

I really like these two. They are from Eureka Miniatures and even though they lack the detail of the others they have a great moronic look to them. I'm calling them the Piranha Brothers - Doug and Dinsdale.

And as I mentioned, I also painted up some Geezers. I still have some uniformed Old Bill on the painting table but so far I've done a Flying Squad and a bunch of Blaggers. Cheers.
Put yer trousers on. You're nicked!

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