Tuesday, 21 January 2020

If You Go Down to the Woods...

I really am on a roll at the moment. I've recently started listening to audio books while I paint. I started with free You Tube offerings but I've since graduated to Audible. What this means is that I sit down to paint, put on the current book and get totally lost for a few hours. This is why I'm painting so much at this time. Currently I've been listening to Imagica by Clive Barker.

So what's happening in the woods that's so important today? Well I've painted a bunch of forest creatures. I'm still aiming at a creating a Faerie Army and these figures will be a part of it. The idea is to create something along the lines of a Brian Froud's famous illustrations. I've been a fan of his work since the early 80's. Combine that with The Dark Crystal, Hieronymus Bosch, Poul Anderson's The Broken Sword and even Julian May's Many Coloured Land and you have some idea what I'm hoping to achieve. High Fantasy in all of it's glorious, colourful, outrageous variation.

One day.

But not this day! Today, I have a troll. Not just any troll, apparently this is The Troll King! Because that's what it said on the web site. He's another Reaper Bones figure. I'm pretty sure that I can officially consider myself as a Bones convert. This figure is big. Even crouched as it is, it still stands about 60mm tall. I had to reinforce his legs by drilling into the stand and up into his legs. I then inserted some brass rod into the hole and it holds his legs much firmer.
These next figures are from Eureka and I only bought a couple to see how they came out. I'm very happy with them and I'll definitely be getting more. The fauns are just fauns as far as I know (and that's what I call them anyhow). The centaur is titled The Centaur King (lots of kings today...). I added his spear, which is from a design that I sculpted for the Moorcock Vulture Legion. I think it really suits this model. The range has a bunch of different fauns as well as centaurs. I'm looking forward to getting some more of these, I really like their simplicity and clean lines.
And, because they looked like an easy thing to do I painted a couple of Ghouls/Zombies/Dead Things. These are "official" D&D figures. They're okay and they took very little time to paint. I might get a few more. Unfortunately, I think these are the only two poses. They're nothing to get excited about but they look okay and they'll do the job.
P.S. The blue things hanging out of the mouths are their tongues. I don't know why I made them blue. I just did.


  1. mmmmm I really love Clive Barker :)
    Great work.

    1. Michal. I have a large collection of Clive Barker graphic novels and collectible toys. But they've been living in boxes for the past 10 or 12 years because they freak out my wife.

  2. The troll looks great. Green and purple. That's nice.