Thursday, 28 July 2022

Margret D'Anjou & Buckingham

My War of the Roses output slowed a bit because I received an order of metal command figures from Perry and I wasn't sure what to do with them (I also decided to rebase a couple of hundred elves but that's another story!). Eventually I decided to do a base with Queen Margret and the Duke of Buckingham.

They came out looking okay and they make a very colourful command base. Overall I'm pretty happy with the result. I made Margret's banner from scratch in photoshop and I downloaded an image of Buckinghams standard and worked it in photoshop where I enlarged and cleaned it up into a printable version. I don't know who made the original but I apologise if I stole it. I just found it as a small image online. Fear not. This will be the only one I'll use and it won't be passed on to anyone else.
I also finished a unit of levy archers. I gave a couple of them a general dark blue and red livery that represents nowhere in particular. I gave them the Banner of St George which I made in photoshop because I couldn't find any other relevant banner to give them and I didn't want to tie them to any particular faction/lord.

They came out looking okay.

That's it for now. I'm going to the UK and Greece in the next few days so I don't expect that I'll be posting anything for a while. Maybe I'll see some interesting places and turn this place into a travel blog for a couple of months.


Saturday, 16 July 2022

A Somerset! A Somerset!

I finished a bit more of my Wars of the Roses stuff. I'm still waiting on the 6mm stuff I ordered but to be honest, I'm not sure I really want it now. It's been months since I ordered the stuff and I should have been able to have most of it painted by now. 

I took my time with these latest additions because I wasn't sure about painting the command stand. In the end I just got stuck into it and it came out okay. I don't think it's great but I intend to do a few mounted command stands and this one is really just a practice. It's passable though.

Duke of Somerset with his standard bearer Sir John Flory.
I also finished Somerset's armed retainers. They came out okay but I'm not sure about the banner. I just didn't want to do another one with the gold portcullis on blue and white. Maybe I should have given them the Duke's coat of arms? I don't know. I can always change it if it's wrong.
This unit is the last of Somerset's retinue that I'll do - 2 units of retinue bill & bow and these men-at-arms. 
My next unit was going to be a band of shire levy archers. Instead I decided to start doing a Tudor retinue, so I gave them a unit of retinue bill & bow. I'm not really sure which Tudor this is supposed to be; either Owen Tudor or Jasper. I guess it's very much of a muchness. The main reason I wanted to do these guys was so I could use a pseudo Welsh flag.
I'll add a unit of men-at-arms and that will be their entire retinue. I've done the same for Exeter. I gave Somerset two units of retinue bill& bow to show that he has more wealth and can, thus, maintain more men in the field. I'll start adding some shire levy archers and billmen and some cavalry. After that I'll do some mercenary pike (Scots or French - I'm not sure yet) and maybe a unit of handgunners as well. When these are all done I'll add some other smaller retinues. Then, when I have a large enough Lancaster army I guess I'll start making Yorkists!

Tuesday, 12 July 2022

I Played Some Actual Games!

Over the past couple of years I haven't actually played many games against real live opponents but over the past month or so I've been getting back into putting troops back onto the table and facing off against real live opponents.

Game 1

The First of these games was an ancient battle - Republican Rome v's Carthage, using the To The Strongest rules. My opponent for this game was Jenko. Rome had Spanish allies and Carthage had Gauls. It was a great game. We missed some of the finer details of the rules but TTS is an easy set of rules to pick up. Rome came out the victor this time around.
A big cavalry/light infantry bash on the Roman left flank saw early success for Hannibal's men with one unit of Gauls standing up to repeated attacks. But in the end they were over come and the advantage went to Rome. 
The major Roman push was in the centre where the legions advanced. Hannibal on his elephant was routed and it stampeded through the Carthaginian lines causing havoc and opening up the centre.

Game 2.

My next opponent was Lorne. We played a game of Sword and Spear - Vikings V's Anglo-Saxons. This gave me a chance to bring out my Anglo-Saxons for the first time in a long lime. It had also been a long time since I last played S&S and I think that last time was also against Lorne.

The vikings had a smaller but better trained army whereas my Anglo-Saxon army, lead by Æthelguy the Seeker was larger but less battle hardened. However, in the end my brave men defended their heath and home and repelled the viking invaders.
My plan was simple: Send out skirmishers, hold back and make the enemy come to me with the hope that a long advance would break up their battle line. Lucky for Æthelguy, that this tactic paid off.
In the pic below a unit of Viking Berserkers smashed their way through the thinly defended Anglo-Saxon right flank routing several units. They were stopped by a unit of poorly armed and untrained fyrd who hit them in the flank and stopped them for just long enough to ensure the Anglo-Saxon victory.
Æthelguy also had some wild Irish allies in the form of light javelinmen. One unit advanced, hurled their javelins and got wiped out by  group of mounted hauscarls. The second band of Irish faired batter by seeing off the horsemen. Unfortunately they got carried away and hurled themselves into the flank of some heavy infantry who routed the wild Paddies with ease.

Game 3

WWII this time, and again my opponent was Jenko. We played O Group using the introductory scenario in the rulebook - Attack at Christot. Jenko took command of the attacking British and I played the Germans. This is a good intro game will all the elements present to teach someone the rules as you go along.

This time around Colonel Jenkins lead his brave battalion to victory by driving the Bosche from Christot and securing the town. I forgot to take photo's for most of this game but the action starts with the appearance of a German PAK40 taking out a Cromwell (those who know the game and scenario will note that I subbed Sherman's for Cromwell's because I don't have any British Sherman's).
And this was Col. Jenkins's response.
A second Cromwell is hit but the British infantry keep up a steady advance.
An assault on the farmhouse sees the Germans hurled back in disarray from their strong point.
And that's all the photo's I took of that one. An artillery barrage and infantry fire took out the PAK40 and also damaged the Panther tank that came up behind it in support. A second armoured section that included a Firefly came into play and took out the Panther. 

All in all, it's good to be playing some games again.
Thanks to Jenko and Lorne.

P.S. And just in case you're wondering Athol Guy is the bass player from the 60's folk group The Seekers.

Tuesday, 28 June 2022

More Lancastrians

I've added a couple more bands to my Wars of the Roses Lancastrian army.  I was hoping to have, at least, one more unit to add to them but, as evidenced by my previous post, I got distracted by goblins and scorpions.
These are a couple of the Duke of Somerset's retinue bill & bow. As you may guess the figures are Perry plastics and they came out looking pretty good as far as I'm concerned. I made the flags myself using photoshop and I don't think they are very good. I could only find a small portcullus image to use and it came out pixilated. I might re-do them. (Also, my printer broke and I got a new one which is rubbish. Whatever you do: Don't buy a HP printer!)

Edit: And I just noticed that the flag on the rear unit is upside down.
Again I organised and based them for Hail Caesar using the Perry's own unit lists. This gives decent sized bands that look good. I'm using 16 figures per band (10 bow and 6 bill) and from the two boxes of figures that I bought this ratio will give me 6 units. 
Alternatively, they can be split up into smaller bands for use in Never Mind the Billhooks or other games. I'd just have to use my casualty dials instead of removing figures.
I'm still waiting on my Baccus 6mm WotR's order to arrive from the UK. I ordered them in mid May and hopefully they'll arrive soon. I also have some Perry metal Lancastrian command sets on their way along with a pair of cannon.

And here's my Lanc's up to date. There is a metal Duke of Somerset in my Perry order but I might make a plastic version if he doesn't hurry up and arrive soon!

Friday, 24 June 2022

Goblin Scorpii

Goblins + Giant Scorpions = Scorpii. Well that's what I'm going to call them!
I bought one of these Reaper Bones Giant Scorpions in 2020 and I didn't make it because the legs were a real pain in the arse to put together. I revisited the figure a couple of months ago and it came out looking pretty good (See here.) So I bought a few more a couple of weeks back with the idea of adding some riders.
Initially I was going to add some Oathmark Revenants as riders but they didn't work out. But I had some Wargames Atlantic goblins sitting around. These figures come with saddles that are supposed to fit on the WA giant spiders. Now I can't deal with the WA spiders because they look a bit too realistic when painted and I'm a hopeless arachnophobe. So, with a little bit of greenstuff the saddles proved to be a great fit for these big critters.
I really like the result and my only complaint is that I only got three scorpions. So my new mission is to get another three of them and build a unit of six. If I can't find three I can get away with two because I can always add a saddle to the first one that I painted if I need to.

I do have a few of the WizKids giant scorpions which I bought because I couldn't get my hands on these Reaper ones. The WizKids models look really great but I couldn't quite get the saddle to fit properly. Maybe I can have another try to see what I can do (maybe the Oathmark Revenants will fit on them!).

So that's some of what I've been doing this week. I've also finished another unit of bill and bow for my Wars of the Roses Lancaster army. I was hoping to finish at least two units this week but I got slowed down with painting these guys. I think the effort was worth it.