Friday, 14 June 2019

Wire Fences

I made some wire fences. I wasn't sure how to do this and a saw a few different methods using various materials. I went searching for tulle as a local shop and I didn't like it because it was much too fine. But I found a plastic pencil case which looked really promising...
 I cut up some bamboo skewers.
I drilled some holes into sick-up sticks and glued them in.
I then covered the bases with impasto medium and sprinkled some grit.
 I sprayed them.
 I painted the bases and flocked them.
I painted the poles gunmetal & then 
cut the pencil case into strips and glued them on.

Thursday, 6 June 2019

A New House

I've been working on a good sized house to add to my terrain. It's made from card stock and, although it isn't perfect, I'm pretty happy with it. I still need to add a bunch of props (beds, TV, dining table, bathroom stuff, etc.) and I haven't done the doors for upstairs yet. I might also add a study to the ground floor and a cellar door.

I designed the majority of it using Photoshop. This involved a lot of time scouring the internet for images & textures, then linking & blending them together to make them look half decent. The props in the kitchen and the garage roof are from Wordworks Games. But I'll probably make a more suitable garage roof at some stage.

Now that I have the basic files sorted I can do a little bit of alteration and create another house with much less effort. Maybe somewhere a little less pristine... where the situation turned out a little bit more violently.

As you can see from the pics it's two stories with an attic. I already have some terrain suitable for the basement.

These are for use in skirmish games and when I say that  I'm mainly thinking: Zombie Apocalypse!

Tuesday, 4 June 2019

New Zombies

Since I've been delving into the impending Zombie Apocalypse again, I decided to update my zombies. The figures I previously used were mainly the Wargames Factory multi-part plastics. They wen't the best so I also sculpted a dozen or so figures too.

So I dragged them from the grave once again and had a look and I wasn't happy with them. The metal sculpts are okay (although the painting is sub par) but the plastics are pretty crappy. Really, it's the male zed's that are crap. The female plastics are okay. I think these were a later release and the quality is better.

So I hunted around and decided to get some Zombicide figures. They're pretty nice as far as zombies go but the poses are a bit repetitive. And what's with all the bald heads? But they come in at about $1.50 per figure and that pretty good when I'm going to need a few dozen of them. I can fix some of the  repetition issues with a bit of green-stuff and conversion.

So here's the first few figures.

They make a nice mob and they're definitely better than my older figures. But the old ones will still be hanging around for when I need big numbers.

Also, here's my sculpted figures with their sub-par painting.

Thursday, 30 May 2019

Wooden Fences

I'm still making 28mm card-stock terrain. This time wooden fences. I designed them using Photoshop. I'm also currently designing a weatherboard suburban house in several colours.

I had the files for these from a few years back where I made a few fences. This time I redesigned the bases by making little stands so they're a bit less intrusive and can be used in any terrain set up. With the originals I printed some grass texture, glued it to some card and glued the fence on top. The new method takes a bit longer but the result is better.

I also made a few with some graffiti for a more modern look and some gates.

 Here's a bunch of them (but not all) and Harry for scale.

Monday, 20 May 2019

Modern Life & Zombies

I've been working away at constructing a city for the impending Zombie Apocalypse (and believe me: The End Is Nigh!).

I decided to do this using WorldWorksGames modular card terrain. There's several reasons for this: 1) It looks good, 2) It's reasonably priced, 3) It's totally modular, and 4) I already have a bunch of card terrain that will work well with it (the diner and the apartments plus more).

I think it's come up well. Of course it does look a bit less realistic than fully modeled terrain but it can be reused and reconfigured in any way I choose. I also have a bunch of props to make which will help bring it to life - dumpsters, traffic lights, road signs, etc

Here it is so far in a 2' x 4' set up:

Sunday, 19 May 2019

Return to Napoleonic's

I decided to get back to Napoleonic's this week. I played a game with my clubs hardcore Napoleonic group using the club's homegrown Napoleonic rules: Cold Steel. This is a set of rules that started as a simplified derivative of Empire but over the past 15 years has morphed into something almost as complicated. The main bonus is familiarity because I've played a hundred or more games of Cold Steel.

So I dusted off my French, and under the command of General L'Emmings, they took to the field against a combined Russo/Austrian force commanded by Pal and Van. Ben was my French compatriot on the left. Each player had approximately a division (I had 14 battalions, 2 below strength regiments of chaseurs a cheval, a regiment of dragoons, and a 8lb gun battery).
My guys deployed in depth with my main strength in the centre. I was facing Van and his Austrians who were very strong in cavalry. But I had some woods and a marsh on my right wherein to secure my flank. I also had some high ground on my right where I deployed my guns.

The Russo/Austrians got the initiative and moved first. They were pretty aggressive and moved up to take two small villages. I maneuvered a bit and sent out skirmishers to harass them and moved forward on my right.

And so it went...

I managed to get my infantry into strong positions and got my guns and cavalry into the battle with good effect. My Dragoons were the stars of the show. I got them into line in front of my center where a 12 Russian horse battery had set up with support of a cavalry brigade. I planned to charge the battery but I thought they were doomed.

But an Austrian infantry battalion moved in front of the guns prompting an Opportunity Charge by the dragoons. They pushed the column back and went forward into the guns, driving off the crew in a rout. They were then charged by the Russian cavalry and were themselves pushed back with some casualties. But they destroyed the guns which was a good result.

The dragoons retreated behind the infantry and managed to reform in short order. As the game went on I bolstered my center expecting an Austrian assault, but another fortunate chain of events resulted in another Opportunity Charge that smashed a second Austrian infantry battalion. The dragoons then took a major breakthrough into some Russian Dragoons that were blown and beaten up. Behind them was a badly mauled Austrian cavalry regiment...

And at that point the game was called.

The Russians had run out of steam after a strong infantry assault in the center that pushed back Ben's infantry but failed to make any real gains. On the French left Ben had pushed Paul's Russian's right back to breaking point, and my center was in a perfect position to launch their attack with several a veteran battalions.


I had some lucky breaks, one being with my rightmost battalion just managing to from square and fend of Van's Austrian cavalry which could have rundown more battalions and my guns. But the Austrian's also made some mistakes which I managed to take advantage of. Paul, the Russian commander, decided to play the numbers by calculating dice bonuses and odds instead of assessing the tactical situation and taking some risks. Not the best way to win in my opinion. But there was also plenty of command confusion in the center where Van and Paul struggled with getting their troops coordinated.

Who is General L'Emmings?
When I play historical various games, I often use my own distorted surname (Hemmings). So when I play pirates my captain is the wily Spaniard: Don Emmingo. My medieval Germans are the Hemmingseatic League lead by Baron von Rickenbacker (because I am a long time lover and player of the bass). So General L'Emmings is my French general.

Oh yeas, and the Prussian: General von Hemmingstein!

~~~~~~ Crappy photo's by me. The better ones stolen from club member Russel ~~~~~~~