Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Sci-Fi Table Project Update - 2

So I bought my first batch of mdf terrain from Miniature Scenery and I made it.

Then came the chore of painting it so, I decided to break out the airbrush that has been sitting in it's box since I bought it about 18 months back. Two brushes and a compressor. I've only used an airbrush on a few rare occasions over 40 odd years and I had no clue as to what to do. So it was off to You Tube for me.

After watching several "Airbrushing for Dummies," videos I got to work. I was a bit clumsy with the first couple of pieces but by the time I got to the last piece (the power generator) I was pretty confident.

Here's the results:

And here's a shot with Eric the Lonely Grenadier for scale comparison (28mm).

And yesterday I was driving past Knights of Dice and dropped in on Viv. While I was there I collected a couple of small landing pads. These will look nice on an elevated ground section when they're done. The Widgets are detail for some high rise buildings I'm planning to make using card & foamcore.

Yes, that's right, I live 5 minutes away from Miniature Scenery and about 10 minutes from Knights of Dice. Lucky me!

And while I'm at it here's a photo of my newly completed GCPS Rangers for Firefight. These are a type of drop-troops who can deploy on the battlefield from the air. They have a heavy anti-tank capability (just look at the big AT-mine!).

As you can see, I've been busy.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Sci-Fi Table Project Update_1

Well my terrain project to build a sci-fi table is underway. I've built the terrain I bought and now it's time to paint it. I've had an couple of airbrushes (and air compressor) sitting in a box for a long long time and I've decided to break them out to do the painting. Anything I use to know about airbrushing has vacated my head so I've been watching You Tube for beginners lessons.

I also ordered a battle mat. I've never bought one of these before but I have seen plenty of them and played on a few. I'm thinking that I'll need quite a lot of terrain to fill this area up so I might make some scratch buildings instead of investing too much in mdf pieces. The mdf looks fantastic but the expense of them makes large quantities a bit of a hurdle. I'll be better able to work things out when I get the mat and eyeball it.

Monday, 15 May 2017

SAGA Battle Report

I played a game of SAGA last week against my friend Tom. Here is a late after action report:

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Sci-Fi Table/Terrain

I'm still having a great time doing sci-fi stuff and finally got to use my GCPS in Firefight a couple of days ago and they performed okay (but lost the game).

However, I've decided to build a sci-fi town. I started, thinking that I'd make a nice clean "Star Trekesque" place with clean lines and a light colour scheme. But yesterday I took a trip the The House of War (a local store with a few dozen highly decorated tables) and saw some fantastic gritty looking dark and grimy tables that looked great. These tables used the same mdf terrain that I've decided to use and now I'm at loggerheads with myself as to which direction to take. Clean or gritty?

Anyhow, here's my first haul of buildings and other stuff:

I was also given this set as a freebie from Tim at Miniature Scenery. Little doodads to give the table character.