Sunday, 12 January 2020

Big Un's, Little Un's and Little Big Un's

I'm still painting and getting things done one by one. Painting these type of figures is much different to painting massed troops. But I have a group of Oathmark plastic goblins made up and ready for the brush, and I expect that painting them should be a pretty quick procedure.

But for now I've finished a couple of new additions to my small, but growing, fantasy collection. All of these figures are Reaper Bones. I bought a variety of them all at once to see how they worked out. I'm getting to like them the more I paint them. They're easy on my brushes compared to metal.

First the Little
A hobbit. For a Reaper Bones figure it's not bad and the detail is much better than the Wizkid's (official D&D) figures. I don't know why he has armour on one leg but other than that he's a fine figure.
A Big Un:
My first large Bones figure. It's quite nice and it was inexpensive. I want more creatures although I'm not very good at painting them. I guess practice will improve my skills. I wasn't sure whether to put it on a round or square base. His axe is a little bit bent but I can live with that.
A Little Big Un:
Draco-Viridi!. This was a fun little guy to paint but I have no idea how it will be used in a game. I'm sure it will come in useful some time in the future but I don't know how. Maybe it'll grow into a full sized dragon one of these days and save me a big paint job.