Saturday, 11 May 2019

My Little Wars Melbourne ~ 2019

Little Wars Melbourne has come and gone. I presented my Siege of Rhodes game and it was a hit. I got plenty of interest and a lot of great comments. I rounded up some players who played the game through the afternoon.

Thanks to Chee, Carston and Dylan for playing. Unfortunately, we didn't get to finish but I think Rhodes was doomed this time around. Chee played the naval game and destroyed the Rhodian fleet, whilst Carston knocked holes in the landward walls (although Dylan gave him a very bloody nose).

My game was part of a display by the Naval Wargames Society (Victoria branch) run by Bob and Mark. We had three tables: one with my game, a display of different scale ships and a Napoleonic game.

There were a whole range of games on display: some big, some small and some in between. From what I could see most of them were participation games, so plenty of people got to join in.

All in all, a great day (if somewhat tiring). But I got home safe and my wife Zoe, cooked some nice salmon with a butter sauce and now my belly is full and contented.

Fist some pics of my game:

 I made these Moral Clocks for the game. They're used in the Age of Hannibal rules. They look better than dice.

 I took this photo to show the holes in the wall created by Carston.

 Lord of the Rings game (without figures).
 I don't know what this is but it looked good.
 FOG Waterloo in 15mm - This was very popular (as Waterloo always is).
 SAGA - A very nice set up.

 Pirates. I don't know the rules. Another nice set up.
 A Vietnam game by NWA member, Cameron. I really liked the look of
this and, if I'd had the chance, I would have like to play it. My favorite of the day.

 Jason and the Argonauts. I sold the bloke running it the GW stone arch at LW last year.
 Ancients - I don't know what.
 Chain of Command run by NWA Member John. 

This one was good. Denisovan hunting. I really liked that he used
whittled sticks from the garden as measuring rods.
Views from my table.

 WWII Wings of War in the Western Desert.
This looked fantastic and the pics do it no justice at all.

 I don't know what this one was but it involved racing trucks
As usual there are always plenty of traders at these events and how could I not spend? My haul for the day was: A box of Zombiecide zombies, two Wings of War biplanes and the Frostgrave rulebbook.

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  1. Thanks for posting these pictures looks like it was a good 'event'!
    Next year my friends and I will do another 'road trip' and attend...